5 (alternative) vampire movies, from Alone the Lovers Survive Viggo Mortensen

Netflix has released Day Shift – Vampire Hunting with Jamie Foxx, and since the Undead never go out of style in theaters, here are five alternative vampire movies to watch or review!

Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires: Jamie Foxx in one sequence

Since the beginning, cinema has told vampire stories. In 1922 Murnau gave birth to one of the most disturbing films ever, Nosferatu the Vampire and even, in 1931, two films about Dracula were released, one by Tod Browning, starring Bela Lugosi, the other directed by George Melford produced by Universal with Carlos Villarías. And the list of undead on the big screen is long: going by heart, we remember Tom Holland’s Vampire Slayer, Interview with the Vampire, the cult series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the HBO series True Blood, and again the vampires of Twilight, Bram Stoker’s Dracula signed by Francis Ford Coppola and the pulp blaze that was From Dusk Till Dawn. After all, vampires never go out of fashion, and so here is the intuition had by Netflix that released Day Shift – A Poop of Vampires directed by JJ Perry, in which Jamie Foxx – between action and humor – finds himself in a Los Angeles haunted by vampires. His job is to find and eliminate them, reselling the precious sharp teeth. So, on the occasion of the streaming release of Day Shift, here it is five alternative films starring vampireswhich we advise you to see or review.

1. Only lovers survive

Only Lover Left Alive

Only Lover Left Alive: a scene

The great soundtrack by Jozef van Wissem (which won the Cannes Soundtrack Award), a pair of formidable protagonists and the visionary and narrative talent of a brilliant director. Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch, which became in Italian Only Lovers Survive, is perhaps the most erratic and alternative vampire movie of all. Between vintage guitars and precious fabrics, between intimacy and purity, while the smell of the cafes of Tangerine rises strongly, the film is a dazzling descent into the soul of two lovers as well as vampires, observers of a world that for them seems never to end never, tasting exclusive blood and moving little, without making noise and without mixing with the ugliness of a restless reality. They are Adam and Eve, played by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. The opening scene on the notes of Funnel of Love is memorable, as is the ending. (Re) see it, vampires have never been so human.

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2. Vampires vs. the Bronx

Vampires Vs The Bronx

Vampire Vs the Bronx: a scene

Among the thousands of films offered by streaming platforms, many unfortunately end up getting lost. So, without giving too much weight to the algorithms, go to Netflix and look for this big, small and hilarious one B-Movie, directed with a certain flair by Osmany Rodriguez, one of the many comedians who passed on Saturday Nigth Live. The starting point is really interesting: a group of vampires, who left Transylvania, moved to the Bronx, a few blocks from Yankees Stadium. They are intent on doing real estate deals, but crushing local realities. Three teenagers foil their plans: Miguel, Luis and Bobby (Jaden Michael, Gregory Diaz IV and Gerald W. Jones III). Vampires vs. the Bronx it is a film with vampires, yes, but above all a film that explains how gentrification (a popular neighborhood that becomes a prestigious area) is suffocating New York and other big cities.

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3. Vampire Life – What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do In the Shadows: a scene from the film

That is, Taika Waititi long before Marvel and Thor. Vampire Life – What We Do in the Shadows, directed, written and performed by Waititi together with Jemaine Clement, is dated 2014, and is nothing more than a hilarious mockumentary starring a group of vampires – from different eras and social backgrounds – who cohabit not without difficulty in a house in Wellington, New Zealand. Between gags, vicissitudes, misadventures and household issues (who washes the dishes?), The film is a comic and unpredictable whirlwind, shot almost entirely using the improvisation of the cast. In short, if you are a fan of Taika Waititi and vampires, this is the film for you. Presented at the Sundance Film Festival, the film then spawned two television spin-offs: Wellington Paranormal and the famous What We Do in the Shadows, set on Staten Island and now in its fourth season.

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4. Dark approaches

The Dark Comes 1987 Near Dark

If we don’t consider The Loveless, co-directed with Monty Montgomery, Kathryn Bigelow made her directorial debut in an atypical vampire movie. Halfway between an urban western and vampire legends – which the Unlives would like to be among us – Dark is approaching by Bigelow is a kind of anomalous novel about a family of vampires, who struggle to accept the newcomer, Caleb, transformed out of love and hunger by the beautiful Mae. Bigelow’s family travels in a caravan, cutting the Southern United States in half, from Oklahoma to California, hidden by tinted windows and contrasting emotions. Bigelow’s talent is an excellent review of Bram Stoker’s hardships and existential insights. Among the protagonists Adrian Pasdar and Jenny Wright, whose traces have been lost. With them also the late Bill Paxton.

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5. Reflections on the skin

The Reflecting Skin

The Reflecting Skin: a scene

Dead fetuses, an exploding frog, the smell of gasoline, the atomic texts. A film of ugliness in which vampires are not directly involved but which nevertheless play a fundamental role in the heads of Cameron (Viggo Mortensen) and his younger brother Seth (Jeremy Cooper). The first, a gas station attendant suicidal for a slanderous accusation, with the only passion for vampire comics, the second locked in a whirlwind of unhealthy fantasies, including the one that his neighbor widow would like a ruthless vampire. To read correctly, the vampires are a group of assassins who wander around in a black car. Reflections on the skin came out in 1990, was compared to David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and was very well received at the Cannes Film Festival, where the director, Philip Ridley, was called the new Lynch. Too bad that after this film he only made two other films, Sinistre Ossessioni and Heartless, focusing instead on the theater.

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5 (alternative) vampire movies, from Alone the Lovers Survive Viggo Mortensen