5 beautiful artistic videos to watch right now on the Arte.tv website

You may know, the Art website full of content of all kinds. Whether geopolitical reports, social documentaries like Regards, films, series, concerts or even content for the youngest, the Franco-German channel has varied its broadcasts enormously over the years. You will now even find ultra original art videos. We offer you a summary of the most original of them in this article!

Carte Blanche – Casinos and cinema by Johanna Vaude – Blow up show

For those who don’t know her, Johanna Vaude is a French artist who has dabbled in various disciplines over the course of her career, but who channels much of her talent into film. A director herself, she is also a videographer and a great lover of plastic arts in their entirety. She is collaborating with Arte on a new concept for the show Blow up.

She creates video patchworks on specific themes and therefore immerses us with scenes and cuts in diverse and varied atmospheres in a masterful way. It is the short film “Casinos and Cinema” that caught our attention the most. Before most gamers started having fun on game interfaces online casino in Quebecthis practice being done only in gambling houses, and it is these luxury places where life changes that Vaude has chosen to highlight in this video.

If you like the concept of Blow-up and want to continue, then don’t hesitate to also watch the opus inspired by Quentin Tarantino, the one relating to vampires in cinema and the one based around boxing fights.

Modern Ballet with Ahmad Joudeh

Let’s switch from cinema to dance. It is indeed the body which is put forward in this 24-minute video which will allow you to discover in a prestigious way the talent of the dancer Ahmad Joudet. The short film directed by Stefan Mathieu is all the more original as it is interspersed with interviews with performers including Joudet. It is on a circular stage surrounded by rails on which the camera circulates that the magic takes place, this type of filming conferring an even more original character to the work.

This artist who had to flee Syria to stay alive proudly wears a tattoo announcing “Dance or die”. It is therefore with emotion that he shares with you this creation mixing the very soul of “modern ballet” with oriental inspirations – both musically and in terms of movements and costumes.

Modeselector presents: Work

With this film by Corey Scott-Gilbert, Krsn Brasko and Tobias Staab, you are far from the usual content… Everything comes originally from the Modeselektor music group, made up of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. In April 2021, its 5e album is released, on his Monkeytown Records label. Yes, but instead of just unveiling their mixtape, the German electronic music duo unveils their new songs in a new form: a “visual album”.

In the film Work, you will therefore not only find Modeselektor’s musical performance, but also an electrifying dance interpretation by American Corey Scott-Gilbert. The result ? A true masterpiece that could not be more original than one hour. We could have called it “Play. Stop. Repeat. we called it “Work”. Through the musical loops, the work continues, a true reflection of the regularity around which we lead our lives…

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5 beautiful artistic videos to watch right now on the Arte.tv website