5 classics on Amazon Prime Video, from Vampires to Miami Vice

Vampire hunters and ruthless bloodsuckers, apparently impenetrable safe rooms, detective sagas that re-emerge from the 1980s, artificial intelligences indistinguishable from reality and fascinating forays into Japanese culture: in this appointment with the films that have long been available in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video we focus on five works that are very different from each other but all worthy of viewing.
From the Vampires by John Carpenter, with a wild James Woods on the hunt for creatures of the night, al serrato Panic Roominspired by David Fincher’s thriller, from the poignant Iberian science fiction of Eva to version 2.0 of Miami Vice signed by Michael Mann, to close with the refined and erotic The stories of the pillow directed by Peter Greenaway, variety is king.

Panic Room

Recently divorced Meg moves with her 11-year-old daughter Sarah to a luxury home on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The new multi-storey dwelling also has the peculiarity of having a safe room inside, a room built in steel to be used as a place of refuge in case of intrusion by strangers, equipped with surveillance cameras and a telephone line. emergency, the latter still to be activated.
It so happens that the first night spent by the new owners coincides with the infringement by three robbers, who believed the house was still for sale and uninhabited, looking for a large sum of money. It is at this point that a grueling game of cat and mouse begins between the tenants and the unexpected intruders …
David Fincher redraws the basic coordinates typical of the home invasion trend in a tight and claustrophobic thriller full of narrative and visual solutions, where suspense reigns supreme thanks to the excellent performances of the cast, which sees in the main roles Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker and a very young girl Kristen Stewart.


Jack Crow is the leader of a group of vampire hunters operating in New Mexico. After the last mission, successfully completed, the gang is attacked during the relative celebrations by Valek, a Master Vampire with powers far superior to those of his fellow men; the party turns into a massacre and the only ones to survive are Jack and his right shoulder Tony Montoya.
Together with the two fugitives there is also the prostitute Katrina, bitten by Valek and now in telepathic contact with the bloodsucker: thanks to this mental connection, Jack discovers that the Master is on the trail of an ancient Christian relic capable of giving his race the ability to survive in sunlight.
With the help of Father Guiteau, a priest under the orders of the powerful Cardinal Alba, Jack and Tony must prevent the undead from becoming even more powerful. Exciting modern western-horror that updates the myth of the frontier to a beautifully crafted b-movie aesthetic, Vampires is a 100% Carpenterian film, a receptacle of quotations and the bearer of irreverent lashes against religious dogmas, with a tasty violence and a cast, led by the anti-hero of James Woodsof right faces in the right places.


Year 2041. In the town of Santa Irene, in Spain, the cyber engineer Alex returns home after ten years to take part in a secret project with the aim of creating a robot girl, capable of feeling the same emotions as she intends to a young human being. In addition to the ambitious “mission” that lies ahead of him, the man must also come to terms with his past, and with the relationship that now binds his brother David and his ex, Lana, who also had a daughter , Eva.
The little girl, who stands out for her spontaneity and intelligence, gets attached, reciprocated, to her uncle Alex, who decides to take her as a model to build the artificial intelligence of the robot in progress. Science fiction, drama and thriller are beautifully hybridized in this touching Spanish production that combines remarkable genre instincts, different ethical points of reflection and a poignant emotional force capable of clinging the viewer to the armchair.

The stories of the pillow

The beautiful Nagiko, fresh from a badly arranged marriage, is obsessed with The Tales of the Pillow, the work of the courtesan Sei Shonagon written in the 11th century, so she travels to Hong Kong with the intent of finding lovers who write on her body. When she meets Jerome, the foreign lover of the homosexual publisher who blackmailed her father to obtain sexual services, she falls madly in love with him, reciprocated by the man. But it is a love destined to end in tragedy.
Peter Greenaway away from Japan one of the symbolic elements of his cinema does not change: the obsession with the body, here a real canvas where to tell a story, is more marked than usual, and the splendid graces of Vivian Wu they turn out to be the perfect essence to tell these pages of love and death. A fascinating work, with an ambivalent interpretation, with a soundtrack that ranges from classical Japanese songs to Western melodies, which also sees a young man among the protagonists Ewan McGregorat the time just launched by Trainspotting (1996).

Miami Vice

After the death of an old informant, Miami police detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs accept an undercover assignment for the FBI: the two agents’ aim will be to infiltrate a Colombian criminal organization that manages the trafficking of drug in the United States. However, things get complicated when Sonny falls in love with the beautiful wife of Montoya, the head of the drug trafficking organization, reciprocated. The clandestine relationship between the two triggers the jealousy of Yero, the right hand of the boss, who will do everything to put a spoke in the wheel of Sonny and Rico, risking to bring to light their real identity.
Michael Mann brings the historic crime series of the 1980s back to life in a modern version designed for the big screen, giving life to one of the most successful, and underestimated, detective stories of the last decade. From the inspired direction to the masterful soundtrack, nothing is out of place, and the charismatic cast (which sees in the lead roles Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx and a splendid one Gong Li) plunges into this action / thriller ride with hyper-realistic glimpses and superfine elegance.

5 classics on Amazon Prime Video, from Vampires to Miami Vice