5 Spooky Italian events for Halloween night. Not to be missed!

October 31st is near, witches and zombies roam the streets in the night, theme parks turn into scary universes, haunted castles open their doors at night, villages turn from peaceful to scary, everything is ready for the scariest party of the year. Here are all the events that you really shouldn’t miss if you are a Halloween fanatic

For the big fanatics of Halloween is the time: about to arrive the night of the year. There are those who prepare a long time in advance, those who arrive out of breath at the last minute and do not know how to dress, how to put on make-up and what to do. After the American mania for celebrate Halloweenevents were born a really amazing horror proof and treated in detail. There are those that last several days, which are more suitable for children or only for adults. Let’s find out together the scarier events organized from North to South Italy …

Gardaland Magic Halloween: a month-long event dedicated to fear

Gardaland again this year he does things in a big way and for the 20th year he is ready to celebrate the Halloween party throughout the park with many exhibitions, events, shows with attention to the smallest detail. The Park from 7 October to 6 November it was all turned into a horror environment. Witches, vampires, zombies can be found in every corner for every weekend. An ad hoc show full of fright and fun and special effects will welcome young and old to immerse them in a truly unique paradise. The Friday then it really is frightening. Every Friday evening the lights of the park turn on at night and come alive with music with wonderful DJ sets. From wizards, to witches in short a Gardaland everyone is working to create ascary atmosphere and October 31st they will give their best with an event that promises to be incredible. There Jumanji Square with the falling of darkness it will turn into a real open-air disco. The party is organized in collaboration with RTL 102.5, there will be a magnificent dj set, lots of music and an exceptional guest, J-Ax. All this from 6pm until midnight.

Halloween in Borgo a Mozzano: the biggest party in Italy

For over 28 years Borgo a Mozzano, in Tuscany, is tinged with mystery for the biggest Halloween party in Italy. In this small village on the night of October 31st comes to life with a program full of shows and DJ sets suitable for adults and children. All the streets are disguised in a truly frightening atmosphere thanks to installations with attention to the smallest articles and the presence of wizards, damned merchants, acrobats and traveling musicians, witches, shamans and who knows what else. Enter the village it will be a truly incredible and evocative experience that lasts throughout the evening and ends late at night with the traditional fireworks show “The wrath of Lucifer” which will start right from Devil’s Bridge.

Halloween at the castle of Rivalta: the castle brings out all its dark side

TO Revivein the province of Turin, the Castle brings out all its scariest essence for the night of Halloween. Lit with candles sun, shrouded in fog it will become the place for a tour in the world of horror. Salons, galleries, prisons, cellars, all places, even the most hidden, will be open to visitors … and not only. If you choose to go do not be afraid, if on your way you will meet restless shadows, you will hear the screams of souls who want to free themselves. The tour lasts one hour and it can also be done wearing a mask.

The feast of the Witches of Corinaldo: the medieval village is transformed into a set of horror films

This party was born almost for fun and in a few years it has become one of the most famous Halloween parties throughout Italy which gathers thousands of visitors. A succession of shows for young and old to which workshops and animations are also dedicated. The party, in fact, has become a bit like one party for families that come masked and enliven the village making it a theme park for three full days. Among the attractions there will be the famous tunnel of fear, scary places and pills of science. The most anticipated and famous participant is Zucchinithe true mascot of the whole event.

Cinecittà World Halloween 2022: the theme park of cinema and TV goes on stage with horror

Most large theme park dedicated to cinema and TV for the days of 29, 30 and 31 October it is open from morning to midnight and gives life to an endless horror film. Many scary attractions: fromHalloween street where the live show is held, atHell which is the hellish roller coaster, al Clownstrophobia the circus where anything can happen, at the show Scary tricks the live comedy show on cinema special effects. Particular attention to children with the Bewitched Wood a path that accompanies the little ones among the characters of fairy tales. The 31 October from 18 there will be a really frighteningly fun show with Max Angioini the comic revelation of Zelig, LOL Who laughs is out. There will also be the opportunity to participate in one of the horror themed dinners organized within the park. To make the atmosphere even more immersive, this year it will be possible to stay overnight in theCursed Hostela hostel haunted by zombies and ghosts inside the park with rooms equipped with bunk beds.

5 Spooky Italian events for Halloween night. Not to be missed!