5 Teen TV Shows You Completely Forgot About

It is far, the time of adolescence. However, we still remember those Saturday mornings spent in front of KD2A, a show that has since disappeared. If the hits of the 2000s still resonate in your head, it’s a safe bet that some series that you loved 20 years ago have been completely erased from your memory.

To remedy this, the editorial staff has selected for you a list of 5 series for teens which you surely do not remember, and which nevertheless rocked your youth.

The Campus Werewolf

Released in the early 2000s in France, The Campus Werewolf melted the hearts of teenage girls long before The Scott brothers ! The series tells the story of young Tommy Dawkins, captain of the football team, bitten by a wolf just before his last start of school, which earned him a transformation into a werewolf. He confides his secret to his best friend Merton Dingle, a goth teenager with a passion for the supernatural. Both then see themselves fighting the most abominable creatures on their campus. A kind of buffy the vampire slayer in a little less well scripted. The special effects and costumes are quite mediocre, which however did not prevent The Campus Werewolf to be part of the most cult teen series of the time.

The Stevens’ War

You are not dreaming, Shia Labeouf is the main actor of this sitcom from the 2000s. The Stevens’ WarWhere funny brother, is broadcast in France from 2003, and tells the little family squabble that opposes Louis Stevens, a joker and immature boy, to his sister Ren, a studious and serious young girl, who does not support the idiotic jokes of her little brother. If this series for teens was very appreciated by the young people of the time, and especially by the siblings who could identify with it, it also launched the career of Shia Labeouf. The rest, you know it. Just do it !

Degrassi, the next generation

Another series for teens that served as a springboard for a great career. Here, that of drake, who plays the role of Jimmy Brooks. Broadcast in 2002 on small French screens, this series for teenagers was a little more serious than the two previous ones. She tackled subjects such as friendship, family violence, drugs, or even homosexuality. Aimed at a slightly older audience, Degrassi, the next generation, is one of those series that have marked the spirits thanks to episodes strong in emotions. We remember in particular episode 8 of season 4, where the character of Jimmy, played by Drake, is shot in high school.

Kenan and Kel

Oooh, it’s starting again! ” What ? You’re not going to tell us that this one too, you had forgotten it?! The series features two teenagers, Kenan and Kel, absolute fans of orange soda. Their adventures, as crazy as they are ridiculous, lead them into many eccentric situations, which they have to get out of. All episodes opened and closed with Kenan and Kel in front of the red curtain of a stage, interacting directly with the audience who came to watch the studio shoot of the series. The laughs recorded and the grotesque behavior of the characters make it a cult series of the late 90s.

sister, sister

Tia and Tamera, twins separated at birth, reunite as teenagers and decide to make up for lost time. sister, sister is broadcast in France from 1999, and tells the story of these two teenagers and their blended family life. We also meet Roger, their intrusive neighbor and totally madly in love with them. The series, like Raven Phenomenon, was a hit in France and seduced many teenagers, making it a flagship series of the 90s-2000s.

Johanna Arnoult

5 Teen TV Shows You Completely Forgot About