7 unmissable horror movies on HBO Max to watch on Halloween

If you are looking for ideas to see on the night of HalloweenBe careful with this selection of horror movies in hbo maxwhich are part of its extensive catalog and whose axis is the horror mixed with various genres.

Among which are comedy and drama, without forgetting some music and classic horror, which guide the chilling adventures with the signature of directors such as Tim Burton, William Friedkin and Andres Muschietti.

Where actors like Bill Skarsgård, Catherine Deneuve, Finn Wolfhard and Winona Ryder also take part, along with rock figures like Dave Grohl and David Bowie, to make these films the best panorama for Halloween.

Studio 666

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From time to time, singers and musicians also try their luck in the world of cinema, with big or small forays. So on screen it has been possible to see Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson and Flea, to name a few.

not forgetting to Dave Grohlwho debuted as Satan in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny and recently he returned to a film in the company of his group Foo Fighters, embodying a somewhat fictionalized version of himself in Studio 666.

And if in his first filmic incursion he was the incarnation of evil, in the recent film he experiences the terror of a haunted mansion in the company of his bandmatesa, including the late Taylor Hawkins.

a film adventure born from the imagination of Grohl himself and that combines horror (quite gore), with music and comedyin a story whose starting point is the recording of the Foo Fighters’ tenth album.

For what they decide to settle in a large abandoned house that was the scene of the massacre of the members of another group in the 90s, being victims of dangerous paranormal events, such as the possession of Grohl.

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Among the extensive list of literary works of Stephen King on screen, his novel Item (it’s)from 1986, appears twice: in the form of the 1990 miniseries and the film from five years ago directed by the Argentine Andrés Muschietti.

in which the role of creepy clown-like creature called Pennywise, who on television embodied the Englishman Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), is reinterpreted by the Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård (The devil at all hours).

The same as in the late 80’s devastates the town of Derry, Maine, making several of its children disappearincluding Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott), Bill’s (Jaeden Martell) little brother.

Who several months later does not forget the tragedy and continues looking for Georgie with his friends Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer), Stan (Wyatt Oleff), Richie (Finn Wolfhard) and Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor), at the same time as everyone has terrifying visions.

Those related to Pennywise and also affect Mike (Chosen Jacobs) and Beverly (Sophia Lillis), who will also become part of this group of friends who, under the name of The Losers Club, will face the terrifying specter .

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Devil’s Legacy

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In recent years, a wave of productions has come to give a renewed meaning to the ever-active horror genre. titles like Flees!, The morgue, Fragmented, a silent place Y Us They have given excellent examples of how good ideas are more effective than a large budget.

A list to which he joined in 2018 Devil’s Legacythe first feature film of the American Ari Asterwho until that date had already managed to attract attention as a director and screenwriter of short films, to later consolidate himself as a screenwriter and director with the Nordic nightmare of midsummer (2019).

However, in his film from four years ago, Aster is set in Utah, USA, to show the haunting story of the grahamsthe family headed by Annie (Toni Collette), a miniature artist who recently lost her mother, and also includes her psychiatrist husband Steve (Gabriel Byrne) and their children.

These are the young Peter (Alex Wolff) and the preteen Charlie (Milly Shapiro), who was very close to her grandmother, so when she begins to show strange behavior it is attributed to the pain of loss. Unlike Annie, who had a distant relationship with her mother ever since she lost her older brother.

But after Peter is forced to take Charlie with him to a party with boys his own age, a shocking accident on the road will come to darken the lives even more of the Grahams, especially Annie’s, and confronting them with supernatural situations related to their family’s past.

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The Exorcist

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Within the history of horror cinema, the film directed by William Friedkin in 1973 is one of his unchanging classics. A place of importance that already in the 70’s began to settle with 10 Oscar nominations and a successful fundraiser.

What he achieved thanks to his chilling plot based on the book The Exorcistby William Peter Blatty -which the same author turned into a film script-, whose axis is the demonic possession of which a 12-year-old girl is the victim.

The one called Regan (Linda Blair), is the daughter of actress Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) and begins to act differently shortly after she and her mother move into a new house, during the filming of a movie in Georgetown.

A behavior that at first includes urinating on a carpet, but worsens when she becomes violent, so she faces different doctors and tests to find out what is affecting her. Until the nightmare arises.

A demon completely controls her and makes her speak in different languagesturn her head and also face father Damien Karras (Jason Miller), who will try to exorcise her in the climax of the chilling film.

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In the late 1980s, after giving life to frankenweenie Y Pee Wee’s Big Adventurea young man Tim Burton He directed the film that would anchor the foundations of his worldwide fame and particular cinematographic vision: beetlejuice.

The horror comedy which also marked a before and after in the career of a then teenager Winona Ryder with the role of the gothic Lydia, one of the central characters of a story as dark as it is funny.

The one that begins when the young couple of Barbara and Adam Maitland (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) have an accident with their car from which they think they have escaped unharmed, but the truth is another, since they are dead.

Something they discover when they return to their home in rural Winter River and with the help of the Manual for the Recently Deceased they contact the Beyond and begin their life as ghosts. However, their home is sold to another family.

Which prompts Charles Deetz (Jeffrey Jones), his wife Delia (Catherine O’Hara) and their daughter Lydia to move in, prompting the Maitlands to enlist the help of the singular bioexorcizing specter Betelgeuse (Michael Keaton) to drive them out.

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The anxiety

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Within the varied and applauded incursions of David Bowie in the cinema this film is told that now has the status of cult filmbut for a long time it was censored by some cable channels in Chile.

What must have happened because the first film of the disappeared Tony Scott (top gun) Not only features a couple of vampiresbut also dares to show a lesbian relationship.

Part of the ingredients of the story centered on the enigmatic and attractive Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve), a vampire who has lived for centuries and is now based in Manhattan with her husband John (Bowie).

However, something happens with the latter that sets off alarms: has begun to age, something almost impossible for a vampirebut apparently not impossible, which has condemned it to face obsolescence.

Although the worst thing is that now he could also be discarded by Miriam, as he did with previous lovers, especially when she sets her eyes on the geriatrician who treats him for his aging, Dr. Sarah Roberts (susan sarandon).

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You may have seen it more than once on cable or on those movie nights on open TV. But you never get tired of the most terrifying creature of the 70s.

In 1975, steven spielberg launched the saga of Shark with this film, which became a blockbuster and a classic horror movies.

Inspired by the homonymous novel by Peter Benchley, it delves into the collective fear of this marine animal that stalks the coasts and is capable of turning a placid vacation into a tragedy.

The one in this film is a great white shark causing panic among the bathers on the beach of Amity Island and that makes us scream in fright while the iconic music created by John Williams plays.

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7 unmissable horror movies on HBO Max to watch on Halloween