7 vampire movies you must see

The vampires They have been present since the beginning of cinema, and it has always been a very attractive subject for different filmmakers in history.

in his day, “nosferatu” of F. W. Murnau caused a great sensation, which led to countless films trying to retrace the footsteps of the legend.

Photo: “Nosferatu” by FW Murnau / Via Prana Film Berlin

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We leave you a list of 7 movies of vampires that you can not miss.

This Swedish gothic romance follows the story of a 12-year-old boy, who is a victim of bullying at his school, only to later meet a vampire girl with whom he strikes up a friendship.

Grounded in the chemistry between the young actors, Kare Hedebrant Y Lina Leandersonthe film manages to create a strange tension that maintains a mysterious charm.

It was also about the irruption of Thomas Alfredson in the panorama of international cinema, which he would later direct “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” in 2011.

The South Korean director behind “The Handmaiden”, “old boy” Y “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance”, ventured into the subgenre of vampires with “Thirst”, turning it into an erotic film of horror.

It tells the story of a Catholic priest, who after a medical experiment finds himself possessed by an insatiable desire for blood.

Film made by the director behind “Persepolis”.

This approach to the subgenre mixes traditional elements of the legends with other original and modern resources about love, drugs and rock & roll.

Follow the nocturnal walks of a vampire girl through the streets of his city Iran.

The acclaimed American director, Jim Jarmuschpresents this film with a retro look at the legend of the vampirescounting on the splendid performances of tilda swinton Y Tom Hiddlestonwho play a couple of music-loving vampires.

The film is full of philosophical talks, in which we follow the protagonists who are excluded even from their own community.

direct from New Zealandthis original approach to the genre came from satire and comedy.

Using the mockumentary format or mockumentaryfollows the adventures of a group of vampires that cohabit an old house, each with a rather peculiar personality.

The comedy film was later made into a television series produced by fx.

It is the debut of William of the Bull.

It served as an advertisement for the talent of the Mexicanthe use of special effects and handmade makeup, would become the hallmark of his career.

Follows the story of an antique dealer who finds an ancient gold beetle, which he later finds himself possessed by and ends up being hunted by. Ron Perlman.

The legendary Coppola tackled the legend of Dracula in this visually stunning film.

Although the film has received both criticism and praise, the truth is that as in all his filmographythis film highlights the precision of Francis Ford Coppola.

This is the grandmother of cinema vampires, “nosferatu” It began as an adaptation of the novel by bram stoker without authorization and ended up being the film of horror most influential in history.

murnau leaked the story of stoker with the glasses of german expressionismcreating an atmosphere rich in shadows and a notable contrast with dark spaces.

The terror of the film is built slowly, causing this silent film to continue to scare audiences.

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7 vampire movies you must see