8 titles to discover (or rediscover) all the best of Keanu Reeves

After a successful debut in the mid-eighties, Keanu Reeves began to establish himself as one of the best actors in contemporary Hollywood from the beginning of the following decade and still today does not stop giving us performances of the highest level. Able to range from the most sentimental roles to the ruthless serial killers, the interpreter has conquered everyone even off the set where he stands out for his modesty and great propensity to indulge his fans. Here below, then, eight unmissable titles to prepare for everything to come, now that the Neo of the Matrix is ​​close to sixty years and is in the prime of artistic maturity.

Point Break – Point Break, 1991

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (among other things, one of the few women to have won an Oscar for directing), Point Break is a 1991 film that tells the adventures of the Utah cop (Reeves) infiltrated undercover in a gang. of Californian robbers. The wild and free lifestyle of the group of surfers led by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) may be too tempting for an agent who has always been accustomed to keeping up with duty and respectful of the rules.

Beautiful and the damned, 1991

Within the same calendar year, Keanu Reeves confirms the good things shown in the previous film by taking part in Belli e Damati, a film by Gus Van Sant focused on the figures of two young drug addicts forced into prostitution to meet the costs deriving from their vices . Specifically, the interpreter is Scott, the son of a rich family who gives up his parents’ money to embark on a journey with Mike (River Phoenix), discovering something more about his origins and love.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992

Only a year later Reeves was hired by Francis Ford Coppola for the transposition on the big screen of Bram Stoker’s masterpiece entitled Dracula. The vampire brought to the cinema, however, is extremely different from the character described in the pages of the novel: after having denied God for having lost the love of his life, in fact, Vlad Tepes is condemned to regret his painful death forever. The cast also includes Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins.

The scent of wild must, 1995

In 1995’s The Scent of the Wild Must Reeves lends his face to Paul Sutton: a young veteran returning from the war and left by his wife. Life, however, puts Victoria on her way to her who – pregnant with a professor unwilling to recognize the future child – asks Paul to pretend to be her companion so as not to generate the anger of the family. From the fiction, however, the feeling will begin to become real and tangible.

Matrix, 1999

The Wachowski sisters ‘masterpiece is perhaps the highest peak in all of Keanu Reeves’ filmography who, in the film The Matrix, gives life to an unforgettable Neo. The film, which later became an entire saga, is perhaps one of the most important science fiction works of all time, capable of adding new and never noticed meanings to each vision. This, then, is particularly true since – following their transition – Lana and Lilly declared that they wanted to collect in the scenes a metaphor of the difficult life path they have taken.

Constantine, 2005

Constantine is a 2005 film strongly inspired by the Hellblazer comic series published between 1988 and 2013. The protagonist – played by Reeves himself – is John Constantine an exorcist capable of identifying the devil in people and sadly suffering from bad lung cancer . Confident that he is sentenced to hell for attempting to take his own life in adolescence, he chooses as his last step to support Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) in the investigation to clarify the death of her twin. Along with them, also a good performance by Shia LaBeouf.

John Wick, 2014

Despite a career that started very early, Keanu Reeves has managed to keep the level of his acting high even in the most recent films. One example is John Wick, a film released in 2014 and directed by Chad Stahelski in which the actor plays the role of a former serial killer who retired for the love of his partner. On her death, however, he is forced to return to old habits to take revenge against Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), the boss of the Russian mafia who is trying to compromise her safety.

To the bone, 2017

Marti Noxon’s directorial debut, Fino all’osso is a film distributed in Italy by Netflix in which Reeves shares the set with Lily Collins. In the story – the protagonist’s healing process from anorexia – the actor plays the character of William Beckham, one of the doctors of the Threshold clinic where the protagonist is interned.

8 titles to discover (or rediscover) all the best of Keanu Reeves