A hood full of visual gifts for young children offered by Radio

Suggestions for youth content filled with great values.

A text of Eve Christian

The proposals for youth programs are great on ICI Télé; most of them are available as catch-up on the Radio-Canada website, in the small area. In addition, there are extras, such as games and crafts related to these programs to entertain your children from 3 to 6 years old (or from 2 to 7 years old, depending on the young people). Here are some of my suggestions.


Summary : This series is set in the preschool of Pitchfork Pines which is attended by seven children of famous monsters, like Dracula and Frankenstein. Under adult supervision, children aim to become good human beings and… exemplary monsters! Yes, you read that right: when night falls, when their school starts, these little girls and boys turn into nice and nice super mini-monsters: Drac becomes a vampire, Cleo is a mummy, Lobo, a young werewolf , Katya, a witch, Zoe, a zombie, and Frankie, a mini-Frankenstein.

My opinion : Toddlers and toddlers can identify with the mini-monsters who experience daily adventures similar to theirs. Like these characters, children must make choices, control their emotions and avoid mischief. The mini-monsters must, in addition, learn to master their superpowers in order to access the big school. The themes of these 25-minute animations are mutual aid, resourcefulness, friendship, diversity, politeness and good manners, decision-making leading to consequences… Special Christmas episodes will be added to the sixty already present . The fast pace and bright color images will catch the attention of preschoolers and junior high schoolers.


Summary : An animated series with 11-minute episodes each telling an adventure in which the Paddington bear, his friends and his family evolve, in which he forms a sibling with two young boys surrounded by a very present mother and father .

My opinion : For parents who have known this endearing bear cub, born in 1958 by author Michael Bond, it is a return to childhood. The sweetness that emanates from the episodes will appeal to older siblings, who will be able to settle in with the younger ones when watching a TV episode or on the web. The loving family surrounding Paddington, the latter’s curiosity and the empathy of those around him make this a series with important values.

Extra : The books with this endearing character, including the latest: The ball hunt published by Editions Michel Lafon.


Nicolas Noel Photo: Gregg Productions

Summary : Nicolas Noël is THE Santa Claus. He sings and dances with his elves and his elves, he introduces his better half, Blanche, he tells stories to children while discussing the things of life. These are the snippets of conversation found in the section Tell me father Nicolas : Why do we decorate a Christmas tree? How do you get into my house without a chimney? Which snack do you prefer?… Don’t miss the new video episodes offered for the holiday season; they are associated with the history of the Time Crystal.

My opinion : This magic man is so fascinating! It captures my attention as much as it does with little ones! He provides them with clear and simple answers and does not hesitate to address more serious subjects such as the importance of settling conflicts between siblings. I also love the section where Nicolas Noël demystifies his biggest secrets; it’s just exciting!


The fairy (France Castel) and the little girl read a letter smiling

Forest Fairy and Zora Photo: Zone 3

Summary : Leaving on a sailboat for a tour of the earth, the Belhumeur-Lamour family, made up of Raoul and Dalia and their children, Milo the inventive and the unifying Zora, ends up on the island of Kilucru, yet absent from any geographical map. In this surprising place live legendary creatures. The family, amused and intrigued, settles there and takes charge of the hotel complex.

My opinion : This series made me think of those that populated my childhood: a universe where the imaginary and the real marry with characters with amusing and surprising personalities. Each 24-minute episode brings out a life moral or learning; all in discovery, joy and humor.


an app

To complete the offer for children and children, download the children’s app for free, either on Google Play either on theapp store.

We see visuals of the programs

The app for little ones Photo: Radio-Canada

This application featuring Radio-Canada youth programs and games can be used on both tablets and mobile phones. The content is verified, secure and ad-free, so you won’t have to worry about letting your children, even the youngest ones, browse this interface. In order to forge their autonomy, a heart-shaped icon allows children to place their favorite content there and then find it easily.

A hood full of visual gifts for young children offered by Radio-Canada