A tempting end to the gaming year

If usually the video games of Christmas are like the festive supermarket shelves, well ahead of the arrival of the red man with the white beard, this year many interesting titles are landing on our consoles and computer these months of November and December, and many deserve to stop a few lines! History to modify in extremis our list to Santa Claus!


God of War Ragnarok, the evidence

After an episode PS4 in the Norse mythology which had distributed enormous slaps to the players, the continuation of god of war on playstation5 was obviously eagerly awaited. And she did not disappoint. We’ll spare you the elements of the plot that could ruin everything, but this direct sequel, admirably connected to your past journey, follows in the footsteps of the previous part: it’s spectacular, beautiful, gripping and it has a lot to tell. . Once again, we enjoy playing with Kratos and especially following what its inspired creators have to tell us. Many are hoping for a DLC to complete the ending, the hope is next to none, but fingers crossed with them. Ragnarok is a hell of a safe bet if you have Sony’s new console.

God of War Ragnarok

© Sony


Pentiment, medieval relevance

Graphically, Penance absolutely does not play in the same court as the game mentioned above, but it also has a lot to tell and the attachment to the characters is strong. Narrative RPG, in 2D with a really successful graphic rendering, the game immerses us in a gripping investigation in the German lands of the 16th century, the exit from the Middle Ages and the entry into the Modern Era. This is one of the nice surprises of this end of the year. Many will say just 2022. Being a Bavarian investigator in 1500 and wheelbarrows, you can’t refuse. The game was released on day one on Game Pass and is a Microsoft exclusive (new owner of Obsidian studio).

Evil West

© Focus Entertainment


Evil West, the Wild West the hard way

Writing is clearly not the delirium ofEvil West, a naughty game released on November 22 on old gen, next gen and PC. There we leave the time of the knights to replace the sword by the gun, the gentleman by the vampire without good manners. You are a cowboy, a real one, a tough one, who has his little specialty. If some are looking for gold or accompanying the cattle in the pastures while dreaming in Yellowstone, you, you are a hunter of vampires. Yes, like Abraham Lincoln. A perilous vocation that you accomplish wonderfully thanks in particular to a glove that throws electricity galore, without taking into account current energy savings. The game of Flying Wild Hog draws a little from the side of Devil May Cry and is not without flaws (like being a straight line) but it has one merit, and not the least: let off steam as much as possible.


World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion

Although challenged by Final Fantasy XIVthe continuous carton of Genshin Impact or surprise Lost Ark, World of Warcraft is not dead. Never. And Blizzard’s MMO continues on its merry way with the November 29 release of its ninth expansion, Dragonflight, which gives pride of place to… dragons. On the program: an increase in level up to 70, the ancestral island of these mythical creatures in Azeroth, a new race which has only one class, the evocative Dracthyr (which can be DPS half-range, half- cac or healer), a new flying mount system where the player has a real role to play (other than just directing it), new raids and dungeons, a huge talent overhaul (which seems to appeal to players), an increased role for trades and a bit sidelined PVP. Blizzard was able to rekindle the flame with very successful cutscenes that echoed, coincidentally, the end of House of the Dragon, but also the Dreamworks Dragons saga for its magic. WoW is still standing. We can even say that it flies away with Dragonflight.

The Callisto Protocol

© Krafton


The Callisto Protocol, spatial gore

While the announcement of the remake of Dead Space caused a lot of talk, lovers of horror games in space (where no one will hear you scream, remember) were treated to a double dose of kiff with the announcement of The Callisto Protocol at Summer Game Fest 2022. This survival horror takes you to the 24th century in a prison located on Callisto (hence the title) which is, as you all know, a moon of Jupiter (Earth’s moon being the Moon, which is still much easier to remember). You play as Josh Duhamel, the actor from Transformers and Jupiter’s Legacy (but that’s not the reason for your imprisonment, let’s be clear), who has to face deplorable prison conditions but also a hostile alien attack. This is where gore, nag and flip come in. Note that Karen Fukuhara, the American actress who plays Kimiko in The Boys, is also in the cast, which is very cool. The game received a half-fig, half-alien welcome, with a season pass that is average, but it has the merit of fulfilling its mission: to scare the stars and not to do in the lace.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

© Square Enix

After Final Fantasy VII Remakethe first part of which was released in April 2020, it’s Crisis Core’s turn to get its big complete facelift with the release this December of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion which you can abbreviate to CCFFVIIR if that suits you more. The game was originally released in 2008 on PSP and it was well liked. This is a prequel to FF7 putting Cloud in the background to focus on Zack. Other cult characters from the game are in the game like Aerith, Sephiroth, and even Tifa and Yuffie in minimal roles. The remake obviously wants to be much more beautiful and dynamic, with its real-time action, but will it manage to do as well as the FFVII remake and make fans wait until the release of the second part of this last ? Answer on December 13!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

© 2K


Midnight Suns, the different Marvel

Last focus on the releases of this end of the year with a good surprise from Marvel: Midnight Suns, game from Firaxis Games with 2K. We could have expected an action game in the vein of the latest Batman, Gotham Knight and Spider-Man, and we are far from it. The gameplay is risky but the bet seems won: this is a turn-based tactical RPG, inspired by XCOM (already from Firaxis) but more accessible, with cards acting as actions, featuring several Avengers alongside the Midnight Suns (including Blade) facing the threat embodied by Hydra and especially Lilith. If you are new to the genre, the title can be easily picked up even if it is surprising, and you quickly get hooked on the story which gives pride of place to characters not necessarily very well known but interesting like Magic. Note that the game has the particularity of featuring 12 characters from the Marvel universe which revolves around a thirteenth, The Hunter that you can customize (choose his gender, his appearance). It’s an aspect that we discover after the prologue and which adds a surprising layer. You are thus given the impression of being an actor in this adventure alongside Wolverine, Spiderman or Captain America. Are you going to steal the “Avengers Assemble” line from friend Steve Rogers? Play round after round to find the answer.

Hello Neighbor 2

© Gearbox

A few words to end with the great success on PC (Steam and Game Pass) of Warhammer 40000 Darktide, a game in the vein of the very cool Vermintide 2. Dreamlight Valley was enriched at the end of the year with the addition of the Toy Story universe (among others), marvel snap has drawn its new Season Pass after the one on Black Panther, Need for Speed ​​Unbound is going at high speed, Warzone 2.0 makes Call of Duty players happy and you can spy on your neighbors again at your own risk in Hello Neighbor 2. All this without forgetting The Witcher 3 next gen update, free if you own the game on the previous generation. So there really is plenty to do after the Christmas turkey.

A tempting end to the gaming year