Actor Alex Martin lets slip that Ubisoft is developing a BLADE video game

Although he has deleted the images from his instagram, everything seems to indicate that we will have a BLADE video game from Ubisoft.

This reminds me a bit of the Devil May Cry 5 leak, in which the actor who voices and moves Dante Sparda uploaded a photo to Twitter at the time they were in a motion capture session. Apparently thanks to Alex Martin (disgrace to the companies for the leak) We will have a Blade video game via Ubisoft. Although this is not known if it is entirely true, as some media suggest that it could be developed by another company but they are using Ubisoft’s motion capture studios. Something that seems strange to me.

Alex Martin is the actor who has leaked the images of the motion capture session. You can’t see anything from the game in these photos. Where he has messed it up is in the hashtags in which he has put words like ‘videogames’, he mentions Ubisoft, you can see the clapperboard where it says Marvel and he also has a photo with the director of the next Blade movie. All this combo suggests that the vampire hunter will have a new video game with the arrival of the next movie that will be released on November 3, 2023.

It should be noted that this is not official. Everything is assumption, although it would not be strange that with everything he has put in it is a Blade video game by Ubisoft. The news has traveled “the internets” quickly with many opinions from fans. On the one hand people are happy about the development of a BLADE game, but on the other hand seeing Ubisoft scares a lot of people.

Many years without Blade in video consoles and PC

Blade is a Marvel character who was born in the 70s. You would have to see what he looked like then with today. In all these years Blade has had three films on the big screen. But the vampire hunter did not stop there. Do you remember the tremendous series they did in the Spiderman Club Megatrix (Antena 3)? In some chapters Blade appeared chasing Morbius.

With the release of the movies, they dared to create a series without Wesley Snipes starring, he is even a character that has an anime. In this anime he tells us how his training was in Japan and even Wolverine has a small cameo.

But speaking of video games, Blade has only had two. The first of them came out on Sony’s first PlayStation in 2000. Then with time and the arrival of Blade 2, they developed the second video game for PlayStation 2 and the first Xbox. Both games were of the action genre in which Blade shot everything that moved and gave love with his sword. His last appearance in a video game was as a skin for the video game Fortnite.

Actor Alex Martin lets slip that Ubisoft is developing a BLADE video game