Africa: Macron again reiterates his accusations against Türkiye

As with each of his trips to the African continent where France is losing momentum and where the rejection of France is growing, Emmanuel Macron did not fail, once again, to denigrate Türkiye.

During a meeting with young people committed to the climate, on the sidelines of the COP 27 which is being held in Egypt, Emmanuel Macron warned the African populations against “imperialism” Turkish on the continent which would be 10 times worse than French colonialism.

In response to a question about mobility, the former Rothschild banker said:

“We have the weight of the past on our shoulders, I have the weakness to think that since the speech I made in Ouagadougou five years ago and everything that we have launched, we have changed policy . We are changing policy and we are accelerating it.

[…] There is an embedded image of France, there is a facility and there is also a lot of manipulation and a lot of anti-French feeling that arises in certain countries largely funded, as we know, by social networks and activists funded by Russia or others.

And I also say this for ourselves, because we ourselves have a tendency to flog ourselves and in a way attack ourselves without looking at whether the Chinese, Russians and Turks are doing much better than the French or others in Africa. They do ten times worse than us, some were themselves colonizers and imperial powers”

Macron’s Turkish Obsession

Already in August 2022, during his meeting with his Algerian counterpart Abdelmadjid Tebboune in Algiers, the Elysée tenant had also castigated the new actors on the African continent, including Türkiye and had called on young Algerians and Africans not to let themselves be embark by “the immense manipulation” of “underhand remote-controlled networks” by these foreign powers who present France as “the enemy” of their countries:

“I simply want to say to African youth: explain the problem to me and don’t get carried away because your future is not anti-France. Yes, France is criticized. She is criticized for the past, […] because misunderstandings have been allowed to set in for too long, and also because there is immense manipulation,” he said, denouncing “the agenda of influence, neocolonial and imperialist of Beijing, Moscow and Ankara”

In March 2021 Macron declared: ” Obviously. There will be (Turkish) interference attempts for the next election. It is written, and the threats are not veiled” without specifying where it is written, or in favor of which candidate Türkiye will attempt these interferences? In November 2019, while France is continuing Operation Barkhane, supposed to ensure security in the Sahel against terrorists, Macron violently attacks NATO, which is thought to be brain dead. The reason: its NATO ally, Türkiye, for the same reasons as France in Africa is pursuing a military operation in Syria with which it has more than 870 km of border.

What is Türkiye’s African policy really?

However, Türkiye strives in Africa, as elsewhere in the world, to build trust through its charitable organizations, during the Covid 19 pandemic, it is she who will have brought the most help to the African continent. The Maarif Foundation also provides education in schools across Africa and the Yunus Emre Institute gives Turkish lessons. As for TIKA, it restores historic buildings. Sincere and close ties are thus created with the populations.

In opposition to Western policy, Turkey follows a policy far from any paternalism with the slogan: “Africa’s problems can only be solved by Africans themselves”

Thanks to a very active diplomacy on the continent, with 43 embassies (12 only in 2009) Türkiye knew how to seduce with its very different approach from what the African populations had known until then. Enjoying Erdogan’s good reputation in the Muslim world, but not only, and thanks to Turkish history in Africa which is to his advantage, which in reality has never colonized or exploited the continent, Türkiye ensures exchanges said “Win-win” where everyone finds his account.

Ömer Celik’s reaction

Visibly annoyed by Macron’s nonsense, ruling AKP spokesman Ömer Celik tweeted: Even today, the suffering caused by French colonialism is a proven fact, and this continues to be known to the whole world.

“We condemn the words of French President Macron who accuse Türkiye of imperialism, the suffering caused by French colonialism is a proven and continuous fact known to the whole world.

President Erdogan develops permanent partnerships based on mutual respect and equality.

While Macron, because imbued with a colonialist spirit, considers Africa as his property, is irritated by this situation. Under the knowledge of French Intelligence, French companies have financed terrorist groups such as Daesh and Pkk. For these reasons, while Mr. Macron should have apologized to the Turkish people, he goes one better by accusing Türkiye of imperialism, this is a fault. To reduce French foreign policy to anti-Turkism is a serious error. Macron’s hostility towards Türkiye undermines our capabilities for cooperation within NATO. »

Reaction of Murat Çiçek, journalist at 24 TV

“Macron says that Türkiye is an imperialist power in Africa, implying that it exploits it. For 20 years Türkiye has followed a peaceful “win-win” policy in Africa which benefits both parties and with which it has historical ties at all levels. On the other side you have France having sucked the blood of Africa like a vampire, declares by the voice of Macron that “we are an imperialist power”.

However, including the Ottoman Empire, we have founded 17 States, and at no time in our history have we been an imperialist power, an imperial power certainly but never imperialist, where we have gone, we have not never exploited man. He really is not ashamed to say that to Us”.


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