After Day Shift, here are the other vampire movies not to miss on Netflix

Available from this Friday, August 12 on Netflix, the film Day-Shift by JJ Perry with Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg directly ranked at the head of the most viewed programs on the American streaming platform. The feature film even has the luxury of downgrading the romance Our bruised heartsthe film adapted from the eponymous novel, which features Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine in second place. And we have to believe that, since then, subscribers to the streaming platform have been passionate about long teeth… Indeed, the vampire effect is taking hold of netflix and another film of the genre is climbing nicely but gently in the ranking. But, suddenly, what are the best vampire movies available on Netflix? We take stock.

Interview with a Vampire : Tom and Brad bicker in a very elegant film

In the 1990s, in San Francisco, Malloy, a journalist, collects the confidences of Louis, who had become a vampire two centuries earlier. The man, with a pale but refined complexion, tells him about his meeting with the intriguing Lestat. This film by Neil Jordan has the means to produce a prestigious work. With Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the main roles (not forgetting the young Kirsten Dunst, totally creepy) who here embody two very attractive vampires in a visually stunning film who also takes the time to expose the psychology of the characters. Welcome to the era of cinema’s most appealing blood drinkers.

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Dark Shadowsor when Tim Burton has fun with genre codes

In the 18th century, the mighty Barnabas makes the mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard, a witch. She casts a spell on him and turns him into a vampire. In 1972, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his grave, in a totally transformed world… With an unleashed Johnny Depp and a gothic atmosphere, Tim Burton’s touch is perfect for this adaptation of an American television series from the 1960s, effective and funny mixture of horror and disco. A wonderful entertainment with an enchanting cast (Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter etc.) which is well worth a look.

Hotel Transylvaniaa vampire film to enjoy with the family

To protect his daughter Mavis from the dangers presented by humans, Count Dracula has opened a lavish hotel intended exclusively for monsters. As the patrons (Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, Werewolf, Yeti, etc.) prepare to celebrate Mavis’ 118th birthday, a jovial young human with red hair accidentally turns up at the hotel. Mavis soon befriends him, which does not please her father at all… Led with a bang, this inventive, funny and touching animated film summons the most famous monsters in the history of fantastic cinema. Neat technique, series of winks, gags and gothic atmosphere are on the program. The first installment of a euphoric saga that has been a hit all over the world.

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Dracula UntoldDracula goes to war against the Turks!

In the 15th century, Transylvania experienced a period of relative calm under the reign of Prince Vlad III of Wallachia… But one day, the powerful Ottoman Empire, whose domination continued to expand in Eastern Europe, demanded from the latter 1000 young men to join the ranks of the Turkish army. Vlad must then make a choice: abandon his own son to the sultan or defend himself! He then goes to meet a demon to gain power… but in exchange for this, he will be overwhelmed with an insatiable thirst for human blood. Although sometimes heavily aestheticizing, this fantastic film is as effective as it is entertaining. In the title role, we find Luke Evans (The beauty and the Beast) who here embodies a more ferocious and warlike version of Dracula.

Blood Red Skythere’s a vampire on the plane!

In this American-German production, Nadja falls ill after being bitten by an unknown creature. In order to control the infection, she must regularly inject herself with medication in order to preserve her blood. But the solution to all this is in the United States where a doctor promises to reverse his pathology. But during the Düsseldorf – New York flight, Nadja is going through hell… In the sky, hijackers take control of the plane. Nadja will therefore use her abilities to regain control of the plane, and protect her son. No matter the cost. Be careful, this film mixes too many things and could easily displease many spectators. A vampire against terrorists, really? Yes, Blood Red Sky is far from a masterpiecebut the scenario, totally confusing, nevertheless manages to captivate us for nearly 2 hours.

After Day Shift, here are the other vampire movies not to miss on Netflix