American Horror Story: Double Feature on Disney +, a thrilling season between talentless vampires and cruel aliens

Arrives in Italy on October 20 on Disney + American Horror Story: Double Feature, the tenth season of the series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, divided into two distinct parts. We present it to you in this article.

October 20 arrives on Disney+ the tenth season of American Horror Storyentitled Double Features And divided into two parts separate and self-contained 6 episodes (Red Tide) and 4 (Death Valley). An unusual choice, dictated by the need to change the construction conditions due to the covid-19 epidemic (which in itself could provide Ryan Murphy the starting point for who knows how many other stories) and which proved successful, giving life to one of the best seasons of this cult series. Without spoilers, we want to anticipate something about it.

Ryan Murphy’s World

Now we can state it without fear of contradiction: Ryan Murphy he’s a damned genius (or a damned genius, if you prefer), someone who manages to write, produce, design, implement and sometimes direct a quantity of series (generally) of qualities that would send any other showrunner into a crisis. In the well-established collaboration with Brad Falchukthen he gave his best. Her rise began in 2006 with the beautiful Nip/Tuck, six seasons focused on two plastic surgeons who already demonstrate the author’s ability to overturn genres, cross them and always take them one step further. This is followed glee: even if – probably for personal reasons – we didn’t follow it to the end and it didn’t drive us crazy, it was nonetheless seminal, giving 2000s adolescents role models very different from the teen world told up to then by TV. When Glee is in season two, Murphy it begins American Horror Story, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, another series that has definitively changed the television landscape in a genre, horror, which has never been so long-lived on the small screen. Thanks to AHS, horror stories with gay characters, demons, witches, quarterings and splatter, freaks and serial killers, cruel ghosts and murderers, haunted houses and criminal asylums have arrived on TV, introduced by acronyms and fonts of rare suggestion, interpreted by great actresses like Jessica Lang And Kathy Bates and by a large crowd of polyhedral actors to whom we have become increasingly fond: for reasons of space we only mention here Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe, Denis O’Hare And John Carroll Lynch, which have become something of a permanent repertory company. A series never quoting for the sake of being one, but aware of its great legacy and capable of cruelly playing on archetypes and stereotypes of the genre. Of course, not all seasons are equally successful and alongside very high moments there have been decidedly indigestible ones (Roanoke for everyone).

But in addition to this series, Murphy brought to the screen in American Crime Story the true news stories of his country, churned out two seasons of Scream Queenswritten, produced and/or directed the splendid Feud, Hollywood And Ratchedwithout forgetting the poignant TV movie The normal heart directed in 2014. Then he gave us three seasons of a stratospheric series like Poseswith which he told a historical period from the point of view of trans cultureopening up a cross-section of a world, that of ball, that we didn’t know, with an obsessive attention to detail, capable of arousing emotion and fun, with sensational unknown actors and actresses and one of the most beautiful vintage soundtracks ever. Oh, and let’s not forget it spin-off of American Horror Storyor the 7 self-contained episodes (the first divided into two parts) of American Horror Stories. Obviously Murphy didn’t do it all by himself: he would be an automaton and not a man, but besides Falchuk And Steven Canals (for Poses) was able to choose authors, technicians and directors of rank. His brand is unmistakable and his work commendable: not only does he perform the entertainment task perfectly, that is to entertain and amuse, but he gives a voice to those who have not had one for too long in popular audiovisual culture.

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What is American Horror Story: Double Feature

And now we come to this season ten of American Horror Story, which due to the covid had to be rethought, resized and divided into two distinct shows, like in the good old days of American cinema matinees and drive-ins, one with vampires and one with aliens, and we were literally struck by it. For this, without spoilers, we want to tell you what should you expectsince it will soon be visible to Disney+ subscribers, giving all fans an unforgettable Halloween.

Red Tide

The first part, Red TideRed Tide, takes place at Cape Codon the Atlantic Ocean, in Massachusetts, a place traditionally loved and frequented by artists, from Edward Hopper that he had a house there and painted his landscapes many times, a Norman Mailer who set his novel in Provincetown “Tough Guys Don’t Dance”. And it is in the middle of winter in search of inspiration that a Hollywood screenwriter arrives, Harry, struggling with the pilot of a TV series (Finn Wittrockanother member of the Murphian gang), together with his wife, an aspiring interior decorator (Lily Rabe) and to his daughter, a little violinist (almost) prodigy (the impressive eleven year old Ryan Kiera Armstrong). No sooner do they arrive than he is attacked and asked to leave by a crazy homeless woman, (Sarah Paulson), in the local supermarket, while the woman and the girl are surrounded by a group of creaky vampires peeled. If we think (and we will think about it) a Salem Nightshowever, we will soon realize that we are off track when a famous writer of erotic novels enters the story (Frances Conroy) and an equally famous playwright (Evan Peters), as well as an aspiring writer who prostitutes himself to make ends meet (a surprising Macaulay Culkin, nice to see you again!). Without revealing anything to you, we will tell you that Red Tidein addition to being bad horror as they haven’t seen for some time (watch out for the character of the little girl!) is there satire more ferocious and fun of Hollywoodwith the spasmodic search for success, the alleged talents and schools of screenwriting, which has been seen for a long time now. Murphy and Falchuck pick some pebbles out of their shoes and they teach us that talent is really rare and it’s not enough to think you have it to be successful, not even with a “little help”. And within these six episodes, on which an entire essay could be written, there is also much more.

Death Valley

There second part of AHS: Double Feature, Death Valleyhas at the center the aliensthose ugly and bad a la Mars Attacks!, feared by Cold War science fiction cinema. The story has a premise in the past, at the time of the president Eisenhower (Neal McDonoughsplendid) and his wife Mamie (yet another great proof of Sarah Paulson) and his treacherous vice president, the ambitious Dick Nixon (Craig Sheffer), but there are also Lyndon B. Johnsonthe missing aviator Amelia Earhart, John Fitzgerald Kennedy And Marilyn Monroe, Area 51, UFO sightings and alien abductions: inside is all the cinema and imagery of the time, in splendid black and white that is no less chilling. And then there’s the contemporary part, in which four friends, two males and two females, are kidnapped, impregnated and transported… we won’t tell you anything else except that this part of Double Features he immerses himself with transport and great taste in the wildest conspiracysatire and homage together with the era of the cold war and the paranoia of the Americans, also collecting and taking the legacy of X-Files. A “what if” hypothesis that America has sold its soul to the devil, so to speak. Four dense episodes with scenes that make a very, very impression, and in which he also appears, think about it, Stanley Kubrick (if you have followed the crazy theories on the moon landing you will also imagine the reason) In short, in our opinion American Horror Story: Double Feature it is such a successful season that Ryan Murphy the series could also end here. After all, it’s not that he lacks ideas and projects to implement. Enjoy it from October 20 on Disney+!

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American Horror Story: Double Feature on Disney +, a thrilling season between talentless vampires and cruel aliens