Another 365 days: the soundtrack of the Netflix movie

Available on Netflix Another 365 daysnew chapter of the trilogy 365 days which debuted in 2020 with the original 365 days and continued into 2022 with the sequel 365 Days – Now. Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes return to directing and have also written the screenplay in collaboration with Blanka Lipinska, author of the novels on which the trilogy is based.

Plot and cast

The relationship between Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) hangs in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues and jealousy as a tenacious Nacho (Simone Susinna) works to separate them.

The cast of “Other 365 Days” also includes Otar Saralidze, Ewa Kasprzyk, Natalia Siwiec, Rebecca Casiraghi, Dariusz Jakubowski, Ramón Langa, Karolina Pisarek, Natasza Urbanska with writer Blanka Lipinska and co-director Tomasz Mandes returning as respectively by Elena and Tommaso.

Another 356 Days – trailers and videos


  • “Other 365 Days” is directed by Barbara Bialowas (Big Love) & Tomasz Mandes (The End) who also directed the previous “365 Days” and “365 Days – Now”.
  • The film is the film adaptation of the third novel in the “365 Days” trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. She, the author, collaborated on the script of the entire trilogy with directors Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes and also performed cameos in all three films in the franchise.
  • The Italian actor, model and singer Michele Morrone who played Massimo also starred in the comedy The last day of the bull (2018), in the play Bar Giuseppe (2019) by Giulio Base and in the TV series The doctors And The process.
  • The film was shot between Italy and Poland.
  • The original “365 Days” quickly gained worldwide attention, becoming one of the most viewed films in territories around the world, including the United States. Despite this popularity, the film received universally negative reviews, with criticism aimed at its perceived glorification of the mafia and the massive use of sex sequences that include sexual assault, which has led to comparisons with the series. Fifty Shades of Gray. British singer Duffy described the film as “dangerous” in an open letter to Netflix, as it “values ​​the brutal reality of sexual exploitation, kidnapping and rape”. The film that is on the IMDb’s list of 100 films with the most negative reviews also received six nominations for the Razzie Awards (worst film, director, lead actor, lead actress, prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel and screenplay). winning for the worst screenplay. ”.
  • “Other 365 Days” is produced by Ewa Lewandowska and Tomasz Mandes (Ekipa) with Maciej Kawulski (Open Mind One).

The trilogy of novels

Blanka Lipińska (Puławy, June 22, 1985) is a bestselling author no. 1 internationally. Her “365 Days” trilogy has been translated into nearly thirty languages ​​and sold in over one hundred countries around the world with millions of printed copies. She is an author out of desire rather than necessity and she writes for fun instead of money. She loves tattoos, appreciates straightforwardness and treasures selflessness. Annoyed by the lack of openness about sex, she took it upon herself to start a discussion on the many sides of love. She likes to say that talking about sex is as easy as making dinner. Blanka was ranked as one of the highest paid writers in Poland in 2019 by Wprost magazine. In 2020, the same magazine listed her as one of the most influential women in Poland. The Polish National Library’s reader survey lists her in the top ten most popular authors in Poland, and ForbesWomen magazine included her among the top women’s brands. His bestselling novel “365 Days” inspired the film of the same name which became the most successful Netflix title of 2020 globally. The film spent ten days in first place, the second highest in the history of the chart. The sequel “365 Days – Now” also finished # 1 in nearly ninety countries in its first week of streaming. After graduation, Blanka received a degree in cosmetology and before becoming a writer she worked as a hypno-therapist. She loves sports, fitness and sailing. She stated that she was inspired by Fifty Shades of Gray to write the 365 Days series of novels and the idea for her setting came after a trip to Sicily.

The official plot of the first novel: Laura Biel and her boyfriend are on vacation in a fairytale place: Sicily! On the day of her twenty-ninth birthday, however, Laura is kidnapped by the beautiful Don Massimo Torricelli. What could a local mafia boss want from a Polish tourist? Massimo has her reasons: that splendid woman, in fact, is identical to the angelic figure that appeared to him when she risked dying following an attack. Miraculously surviving, he vowed that he would do anything to find her and make her of her. At any cost. And now he intends to keep that promise: he will hold Laura captive in her wonderful estate for 365 days, after which, if she doesn’t fall in love with her, he will let her go. But if she tries to escape before her, she will kill her entire family. Laura actually gives in to Don Massimo’s charm, but will their precarious relationship be able to resist the force of fate?

Blanka Lipińska’s novel “365 Days” is available at Amazon.

The official plot of the second novel: When Laura was kidnapped by the powerful mafia boss Don Massimo Torricelli, she could not imagine that one day she would start an overwhelming relationship with her kidnapper, as dangerous as it is seductive. Least of all she would have fallen in love with him. But now her life in Sicily is a fairy tale: a great wedding, a devoted and incredibly handsome husband, and now there is a baby on the way. All surrounded by the most unbridled splendor: servants, luxurious cars, incredible buildings overlooking the sea. However, even in this heavenly existence, cracks begin to form: the only people Laura sees are bodyguards and criminals, and at any moment she could be kidnapped or killed again. And as if that weren’t enough, her best friend joined the group, soon becoming an easy target for Massimo’s rivals ready to conquer her underworld empire. Surrounded by enemies and enveloped in her husband’s dark world of power, pleasure and danger, Laura will soon understand what it really means to be married to Italy’s most dangerous man.

Blanka Lipińska’s novel “365 Days – Now” is available at Amazon.

The official plot of the third novel: As the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of Sicily’s most dangerous Mafia bosses, Laura’s life is a roller coaster ride. She is often at risk, the potential target of Massimo’s unscrupulous enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy the mighty boss. And when Laura is badly injured in an attack, pregnant and struggling to survive, Massimo faces the most difficult decision of his life. What will his life be like without Laura? Will he be able to raise their baby alone? What will be the fate of his family and how could 365 days be concluded?

The novel “Other 365 Days” is available in English on Amazon.

The soundtrack

The soundtrack of “Ancora 365 Days” features songs by various artists, including EMO, Tommy Docherty and the actor too Michele Morrone who plays Massimo in the film, as for the other films in the trilogy contributed to the soundtrack, this time with the song “Angels”.

In an interview with the site DeciderMorrone spoke about his contribution to the soundtrack:

I’ve always played the guitar. I’ve always written songs in my life, but I never thought I could do it for work. I was an actor. I was focusing on acting. But when I was on set for the first movie, I was talking to the director and he would ask me what I like to do besides acting. And I told him “I like writing songs”. And he said “Ok, let me listen to some”. I played him ‘Dark Room’ and he fell in love and he said, “Why don’t we put this song in the movie?” The song was in the movie and the movie blew up and then I got a call from Universal and it all happened. [Riguardo ad Angels] it’s just a dream I had about me and my son flying like angels in the clouds, playing in the clouds, jumping in the clouds …


1. Pray – EMO
2. Someday – EMO
3. Mykonos – JJ Abel feat. Kuinvi & Daniel Rondon
4. Stop Stressing – JJ Abel feat. Mimaa
5. Ghost – Marissa
6. Stranger – Jhn McFly feat. Marissa
7. Closer – Jhn McFly
8. Call My Name – EMO feat. YOLO
9. Dancing with the Devil – EMO
10. Bye Bye – JJ Abel feat. Adame
11. Hey – Marissa
12. All Alone – EMO feat. Marissa
13. Kill This Love – Józefina
14. Lovesick – Jhn McFly feat. Kuba
15. Addictions – EMO
16. Casual – Bryska
17. Wallows – Tommy Docherty
18. Whole Life – Marissa feat. Tommy Docherty
19. Learn to Love Again – Tommy Docherty
20. Choose – Ian Scott
21. On Me – EMO feat. Marissa
22. All I Have – EMO feat. Oskar Cyms
23. Angels – Michele Morrone
24. Heartbeat – Ian Scott
25. Control – Natalia Krakowiak

Another 365 days: the soundtrack of the Netflix movie