‘Antz’, ‘Bugs’ and the twin films that you must see sometime in your life

This year we will have the opportunity to see two approaches to ‘Pinocchio’ (the version backed by Disney and the personal vision of Guillermo del Toro), for this reason it is a good time to immerse ourselves in the phenomenon of the twin films.

Twin films (two films released in quick succession that bear a striking resemblance to each other) are an intriguing cinematic phenomenon. They can happen by accident or by design. For example, 1492: the conquest of paradise (directed by Ridley Scott in 1992) and Christopher Columbus: the discovery (by John Glen). Both on the figure of Christopher Columbus, from two different studios, which were released almost at the same time, coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Genoese voyage to America.

This year we have the opportunity to see two films from Pinocchio. The first, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, premiered on September 8 on Disney Plus. While the second is Guillermo del Toro’s particular vision of the emblematic wooden boy created by Carlo Collodi. For this reason, it is a good time to immerse ourselves in 5 twin films that we recommend because, beyond choosing a favorite, they complement each other.

‘Nosferatu the Vampire’ and ‘Dracula’

In 1979, vampire movies based on Bram Stoker’s novel were apparently all the rage (at least five variations of the tale were released that year). The two best versions, however, were adaptations of adaptations, with nosferatu the vampire by Werner Herzog (a remake of Nosferatu (1922) by F.W. Murnau), and dracula by John Badham, based on the Broadway drama by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston.

‘Kalifornia’ and Murderers by nature’

The murders committed by the teenage couple made up of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate were an attractive subject for Hollywood, which launched two proposals narratively related, but stylistically different. Yes California is a violent road movie headed by a young Brad Pitt, so Murderers by nature is an energetic ride created by Oliver Stone in his freest and most insane facet. Interestingly, both movies have Juliette Lewis in the role of Fugate.

‘Antz: Hormiguitaz’ and ‘Bugs’

It’s not the only pair of twin films to come out of the competition between animation houses Pixar and Dreamworks (we also found Finding Nemo Y Shark Tale). So much Antz: Tiny Ant What Bugs were the source of a Pixar vs. Dreamworks. With each side claiming they had the original idea, the separate studios went to work on their respective stories of an average ant making the grade to stand out in a colony of millions. Both films reflect on the value of cooperation and individuals who separate themselves from the crowd to become exceptional heroes.

‘Yves Saint Laurent’ and ‘Saint Laurent’

One of the most influential designers of the 20th century who managed to redefine the concept of haute couture is the inspiration for two remarkable French fictions released in 2014. The first of them, directed by Jalil Lespert, is narrated from the perspective of Pierre Berge, lover, Yves’ partner and life partner until death. In this sense, the film Yves Saint-Laurent it is endorsed by Berge and visually honors Yves’ devotion to beauty. Meanwhile he Saint Laurent Bertrand Bonello’s was condemned by Berge.

‘Upgrade: killing machine’ and ‘Venom’

Both movies, released in 2018, have a male lead who, by a strange turn of events, ends up having something in his body that grants them enhanced abilities and someone to talk to in his head. Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) gains a symbiotic bond with Venom, while Gray (Logan Marshall-Green) gains the artificial intelligence chip, STEM, embedded in his spinal cord. They both use this to chase down bad guys and kick butt. the protagonist of Upgrade: killing machine, Grey, has a stronger motive because his wife was killed in front of him. While Eddie, in Venomhe simply wants to take revenge and defeat the villain for the greater good.

‘Antz’, ‘Bugs’ and the twin films that you must see sometime in your life