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Anya Taylor-Joy confesses that she turned down a role in Disney to be able to star in The Witch

Until today, Anya Taylor-Joy She is still considered a rising star, and that does not mean that the projects in which she has participated are not very valuable, in fact, since the beginning of her career she has surrounded herself with good decisions that have kept her producing enviable productions, and she continues to forward with roles that attract the attention of both critics and the audience itself. Perhaps her fundamental role up to now is that of Queen’s Gambit (93%).

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In 2014 it was officially her acting debut in a movie called Vampire Academy (13%) directed by Mark Waters, where he also had a role Claire Foy (The Crown (90%)); however, in the final cut of the tape, Anya’s scene was removed. In the same year she participated in an episode of the British television series Detective Endeavor. But it was barely a year after her first project, when she would star in the film that made her face seen around the world.

According to what the actress recalled during an interview for Harper’s Bazaar (via Variety), exactly the same day that he received an offer to cast for a Disney Channel project, he received a proposal from The Witch (91%)of Robert Eggers. Anyone would think, and even she did, that a Disney project would be ideal to catapult her career at 18 years of age, especially if we think about how far stars like Miley Cyrus either Selena Gomez.

But Anya had a hunch, and she chose to choose that dark independent project. It was then that her life as an actress took a turn, since since the premiere of the film in 2015, until today, she has been involved in promising projects such as Sliver (75%) in 2016, The New Mutants (62%), Queen’s Gambit – project that gave him recognition before the critics and the audience at an international level –, Peaky Blindersand a long list of titles for film and television.

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Check out their comments below:

I remember it was the same day I was asked to be in a Disney Channel pilot, and it was so exciting to be offered anything that I ran around the house like crazy. But I had a really good feeling about ‘The Witch’ that made me want to give up the Disney experience for what seemed unknown to me, what seemed sacred to me.

The actress assured that The witch forged the foundations of his acting style and the way he works on film sets, referring in particular to the fact that by being part of the film everyone must take responsibility for their work and no one is more important than the other without no matter if they are actors, scriptwriters, cameramen, etc. Last year, during a meeting with Varietythe also star of The Soho Mystery (89%) he talked about the relationship he had with the Eggers tape.

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The actress assured that after finishing the filming of the tape, she experienced an emptiness and a sense of loss, since it seemed difficult for her to get away from the place and the people with whom she worked during the filming, it was difficult to deal with the return to the real world. She even mentioned that she considers this her first experience with her heartbreak. Meanwhile, Anya is about to release The Menu (90%) beside Ralph Fiennes.

Anya Taylor-Joy confesses that she turned down a role in Disney to be able to star in The Witch