Aquaman 2: James Wan will be inspired by Planet of the Vampires, Alien’s cult mentor

Screenwriter, director and producer of horror films, James Wan will draw on Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires to direct Aquaman 2.

After the cancellation of its spin-off The Trench on the monstrous pit of the universe AquamanJames Wan was quick to get the engine going again by posting a photo from the first day of filming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Even if the script is still subject to the law of silence, the title of the second Aquaman is quite evocative since “the lost kingdom” presages an exploration of the aquatic city of Necrusruled by the king and tyrant Mongo.

“I want to be your friend !”

If this is only a guess for now, James Wan provided a clue that might be helpful in imagining the outcome by revealing a not insignificant influence for a penny to the magazine Total Movie. Horror cinema lover as we know him, the creator of the saga Saw and Insidious would have been inspired by a realization of Mario Bava, one of the great masters of Italian horror cinema:

“Aquaman 2 is heavily inspired by Planet of the Vampires. […] You can take someone out of horror movies, but you can’t take someone out of horror movies.”

James Wan clearly has the will to put forward his creative knowledge more than ever and to draw from it what he masters of terror and horror. For those whom it concerns planet of the vampiresthe work of Mario Bava is closer to science-horror than to giallo.

PhotoWe are far from the ocean

Indeed, the film features two spaceships that travel to an unknown planet and the team of astronauts begin to turn against each other, influenced by an invisible force from the planet. And planet of the vampires is not a Mario Bava production unknown to the battalion, since it is one of the many influences of the first Alien, the eighth passenger directed by Ridley Scott.

In any case, James Wan really wants to use this starting point to once again create surprise among amateur spectators of the marine superhero. As we noticed when it was released, Aquaman was unlike anything else done in the infamous DCEU with its baroque universe and the scale pushed to its climax by digital technology. And it is not inconceivable to see in this first film, a preparation on the part of James Wan for a sequel closer to his hooked atoms with fear and blood:

“Well, the first movie took a lot of people by surprise, didn’t it? And that’s partly because they weren’t familiar with the comics, which are about a strange and awful. […] People were amazed that I didn’t cut all that out and made a dark, heavy film. But I was convinced that I had to treat this universe like this. So with the second movie, I feel like it will be easier for viewers to accept where we’re going because I’ve already laid the foundation.”

photo, Jason Momoa, Amber HeardThe Aquarius ship is in full flight

While waiting to have more details concerning the plot of Aquaman 2, we can find September 1st at the cinema Malignant, the next film by James Wan, a new foray into genre cinema, from which he hopes, like Warner, to create a new horror franchise, as dynamic and lucrative as the Conjuring-Verse. As for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomit is currently planned for December 14, 2022 and to wait, you can always take a look at our file dedicated to the first Aquaman.

Aquaman 2: James Wan will be inspired by Planet of the Vampires, Alien’s cult mentor