“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3

Commander Raphaëlle Coste and her favorite consultant, criminologist Astrid Nielsen, return to service for a third season. Presumed state conspiracy, devilry in a monastery, murder in a closed room of a mental asylum, story of vampires, plant intelligence, etc., eight new investigations deliciously flirting with the strange, the absurd, the inexplicable or the irrational. Friday at 21.10 on France 2.

“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3 © Patrick Fouque – JLA Production – FTV

We don’t redo presentations. Whether ? This is Astrid Nielsen (Sara Mortensen). She loves Bach’s music, mechanical puzzles (improperly called “puzzles”), riddles, habits (Monday, shopping in Mr. Tanaka’s Japanese grocery store, Wednesday, social skills workshop…) ; she hates noise, stress, unforeseen events (apart from “foreseeable unforeseen events”). She’s adept at just about everything, but tact, irony, the second degree, puns aren’t really her thing. Astrid is autistic and works at Criminal Documentation, which leads her to collaborate regularly with Commander Coste, with whom she has become the best friend. So here is Raphaëlle (Lola Dewaere), “neurotypical” and impulsive, an investigator endowed with quite a lot of intuition – although she is sometimes a little muddled in her approach – but also with a fairly elastic conception of rules and procedure. Astrid and Raphaëlle have discovered that if one sees only the details and the other only the landscape, their duo becomes unstoppable. Around them, Nicolas (Benoît Michel) and Arthur (Meledeen Yacoubi), two cops with an unwavering loyalty to their boss (and even more so for the first), a grumpy medical examiner (Husky Kihal) and a commissioner farted a little overwhelmed by his commander (” She’s gonna screw up. – I think yes. – We can not do anything. – I do not think so. “). Without forgetting the anonymous Autists brought together in the social aptitude workshop by the wise William (Jean-Benoît Souilh).

“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3

“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3

© Patrick Fouque – JLA Production – FTV

An alleged plot involving a weapon developed by the Secret Service, a saint of unknown identity murdered in a monastery, Native American rituals, an inexplicable crime committed in a labyrinthine mental asylum, a murderous and manipulative novelist who, from his prison cell , helps Astrid solve a riddle, an assassination whose only witness is an autistic teenager, a photographer killed using the vampire killing method, a biologist murdered by plants, etc., no doubt, we are well of return to the playful and referential universe ofAstrid and Raphaelle. And that’s good news. However, let’s face it, things didn’t start so well… We remember that, at the end of season 2, the two young women found themselves in a mess. During an off-the-books investigation (thank you Raphaëlle, once again), they were taken hostage and then placed in police custody and only owed their salvation to the intervention of their friends and colleagues. A bitter setback for the unbearable and gougnafier prosecutor Forest (Hubert Delattre) who had sworn to get their heads.
Here is his revenge: he obtained that Astrid no longer has the right to participate in criminal investigations. The premiere of this season therefore promises to be the last of the duo… Dirty atmosphere. Fortunately, Madame le Préfet, however inconvenient, is obliged, for services rendered, to make a gesture: the last investigation… unless Astrid prepares for the police academy. Well, the entrance exam will only be a formality for the gifted. But then, it may not be a piece of cake, the school environment and the stress of the exit competition being hardly likely to promote the development of the young woman. Especially since the promotion manager (Valérie Kaprisky) seems, for some reason that still eludes us, to have taken a dislike to her student…

Friday September 23

Episode 8: Underground
The murder of a homeless man – found dressed in an overpriced suit – brings to the surface an old affair, which has remained mysterious… nothing less than the one that cost the life of Commander Angus Nielsen, Astrid’s father. To finally close this file, she will have to look into Scandinavian mythology and find… a wolf.

Friday September 16

Episode 7: The Flowers of Evil
Françoise Martoli, a biologist, is found dead in a tropical greenhouse in the Jardin des Plantes, her face and hands burned, near a manchineel, whose sap is as corrosive as an acid. The research of the deceased focused on the intelligence of plants and they seemed to bother a giant of the food industry. In her investigation, Raphaëlle will receive unexpected help from a… modest mimosa.

Friday, September 9

Episode 5: Witness
A murder was committed at the Gare de l’Est. A woman, accompanied by her son, joined her husband. The man died, the woman disappeared and the tragedy took place in a place not covered by surveillance cameras. The only witness: the victim’s son, Jules, 14 years old. But he is autistic, in a state of shock and keeps reciting the timetables for the H line…

Episode 6: Golden Blood
A fashionable photographer is found dead… a stake driven through the heart. Our two investigators have long since passed the age of believing in vampire stories, yet everything seems to indicate that the case is linked to the blood of the victim… of which there is not a drop left in his body.

Friday, September 2

Episode 3: Natives
In an abandoned house, a very young, haggard-looking woman dressed in Native American costume accuses herself of murder. Verification made, there is indeed a body buried there… for about twenty years. The young woman is under the influence of a powerful hallucinogen used in traditional rituals, which could explain her rantings. Only, the weapon she holds in her hand is indeed that of the crime…

Episode 4: The Open Room
A former murderer was found dead in a room of the psychiatric hospital where he was interned. Just an accident? Not sure… However, the room was locked and constantly watched by a guard. Far from it, the megalomaniac, manipulator and criminal thriller writer Alain Lamarck, who is serving a prison sentence and seems to know Astrid’s most secret fears, takes malicious pleasure in directing the investigation. But for what purpose? What exactly does he know?

Friday August 26

Episode 1: Overall Plan
To die burned when one is called Ardan, that is not lacking in irony. The highly publicized astrophysicist Michel Ardan (yes, like the hero of From the Earth to the moon by Jules Verne) left to reach the stars: he was killed by lightning in the middle of the night at the Paris Observatory. The trouble is that there was no storm, so no lightning… A media outlet called Global Plan cries conspiracy and speaks of a secret weapon. And if, this time, the adage was lying? If it was the fool who pointed to the moon and the wise man who looked at the finger?

Episode 2: Memento Mori
In a Benedictine monastery, Father Louis Desforges was stabbed to death in front of the chapel’s rood screen. But what kind of man takes the time before he dies to wipe off the fingerprints of the murderer on the murder weapon and wears the scars of Christ’s wounds on his wrists and feet? Holy or crazy? A monk claims to have seen him in the company… of the devil. The problem is that – as Astrid and Raphaëlle will discover – Louis Desforges does not exist. For the devil, we do not know yet.

“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3

“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3

© Patrick Fouque – JLA Production – FTV

Astrid and Raphaelle

Series (season 3 – unpublished) – Duration 8 x 52 min – Created by Alex de Seguins and Laurent Burtin – Produced by Chloe Micout (episodes 1 to 4) and Julien Seri (episodes 5 to 8) – Script Alex de Seguins and Laurent Burtin – A production JLA Productions – With the participation of France Televisions

With Sara Mortensen (Astrid), Lola Dewaere (Raphael) Benoit Michel (Nicholas), Meledeen Yacoubi (Arthur), Jean-Louis Boy (curator Carl Bachert), Husky Kihal (Henry Fournier) Jean-Benoît Souilh (William Thomas), Saito Kengo (Tetsuo)

And Valérie Kaprisky, Stéphane Guillon, Bruno Wolkowitch, Michael Cohen, Olivia Bonamy, Florence Thomassin, Philippe Duquesne, Jérémie Covillault, Olivier Rabourdin, Lilou Fogli

Broadcast from Friday August 26 at 9.10 p.m. on France 2
To see and see again on france.tv

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“Astrid and Raphaëlle”, season 3