Astrid Faure presents En Cavale, her brilliant publishing house

Meeting with the sparkling Astrid Faure, co-founder of Éditions En Cavale.

We were able to meet Astrid Faure during a presentation ofOn the run, a publishing house specializing in mystery games for children. Her entrepreneurial project, her career and her passion made us want to share with you the portrait of this woman full of pep and ideas.

Interview with Astrid Faure, a spy on the run

Madmoizelle: can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Astrid Faure : I am co-founder of Éditions En Cavale, with Margaux Bruineaud. We are two crazy Lyonnaises who overflow with energy and whose ideas are flying! We have given ourselves the mission of making children dream to make them adults who are alert and committed to the world of tomorrow.

Astrid Faure and Margaux Bruineaud – On the Run

Madmoizelle: what exactly is En Cavale?

Astrid Faure : To put it simply, En Cavale is a fantastic adventure in which your child is the hero. By extension, it’s a marvelous escape, a bubble of escape created through the incredible power of the imagination.

En Cavale is a publishing house specializing in mystery games for children (7-12 years old). At the same time mysterious, funny and a bit quirky, our adventures are offered in new formats: postal correspondence, decor to build, story to listen to, interactive book with multiple scenarios… En Cavale offers families experiences that are as magical as they are immersive, and without any screen.

Madmoizelle: why did you decide to create this publishing house?

Astrid Faure : Out of a thirst for meaning in my professional life, out of love for the world of childhood and all that derives from it. More precisely, En Cavale is there to offer values ​​of authenticity, to find slowness in this world, magic in daily life. We try to show everyone the poetry of their environment, in a world that is going too fast and overflowing with requests and information.

Madmoizelle: what difficulties have you encountered in recent years with your business?

Astrid Faure : There are always difficulties! But they always become opportunities, and I don’t think anything ever really happens by chance. For example, the health crisis has allowed us to assert ourselves on the development of our e-commerce strategy. If ever sales are worse than expected, then we adjust our plans to understand why, without waiting for the situation to become critical. At the time, it’s more or less easy to take hard knocks, but with hindsight, they always make you move forward and progress!

Madmoizelle: do you think you will expand your range and offer games to younger spies?

Astrid Faure : we are constantly thinking about the question of offering surveys to as many people as possible, so why not to the youngest!

Investigations on the run

Madmoizelle: is it harder to establish yourself as a woman in the world of children’s games and toys?

Astrid Faure : I find it very pleasant to evolve in the game and toy sector in a global way. The subject is fun and playful by definition! However, we can see that the “old-fashioned” boxes of the big traditional brands are still quite patriarchal with a fairly classic, very coded system.

But for several years, we have seen the emergence of new brands and new actors / creators / publishers / manufacturers, whose codes are changing!

I find that the sector remains both very serious and business-like, but cool for all that, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit of mutual aid. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, the new and new game and toy entrepreneurs are very friendly and approachable.

Madmoizelle: what advice would you give to a future entrepreneur who wants to get started?

Astrid Faure : to dare! You have to try, try everything to never regret. Taking action makes all the difference, it’s what makes you move forward quickly, even if it means changing direction as your project progresses. I also advise talking about your project around you: that’s how you evolve and refine your ideas.

To find the Academy of Spy Children, you can go to on their websiteand follow them on their Instagram page.

Photo credit image of one: En Cavale editions

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