At the Teatro Casa di Pulcinelli shows for everyone until the end of December

To train the theater audience from an early age. This is the mission of the Pulcinella House Theaterand the title of the new theater season, from September to December 2022, fully expresses this concept: “Gocciadoccia” for anticipate the celebrations that next year will celebrate the theater’s 40th anniversary which has educated thousands of children and adults to the beauty of the stage.

After the great success of the festival Adriatic happiness organized as part of the events of the Municipality of Bari LedueBari, the Granteatrino restarts with a program for families, for young and old.

The show of Silent Susi, actress specializing in the creation of innovative paths to promote reading, in theater for children, in the conduct of educational projects that focus on the art of mimicry and non-verbal languages. The show in collaboration with the festival “Educating to literature”, organized by the association Leggi Coccole, will be staged Sunday 11 September at 6.00 pm. An unmissable opportunity to get to know this talented professional for the first time in Puglia that will bring on stage 4seasons with the music of Antonio Vivaldi. The mime Susi Danesin, following the original musical program, will draw an unpublished narrative allowing anyone to enjoy the emotional and didactic experience that a classical work of a descriptive nature like this one can offer.

The program will continue every week with shows and activities for all ages, and for schools: a path made up of workshops open to children, and shows open to all with the best of the artistic productions of the last decade in the field of puppetry and theater for boys and girls, for boys and girls.

S.Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September it will be the turn of the Company of Puffs of Perugia with The fairy tale of the super heroes the puppetry show in which princes, princesses, fairies, wizards, dwarfs and elves with super powers try to defend Red Riding Hood, Tom Thumb and all the other children of the enchanted kingdom, from the monstrous and perfidious plans of the villains of fairy tales.

Also on the bill Diaghilev company with three shows dedicated to families (Bartolomeo and Cioppina 24 and 25 September – Manigold 26 and 27 November) and adults (The Ianara 6 and 7 October).

October will see the most recent productions of the Granteatrino and great space will be dedicated to the young companies formed at Paolo Comentale’s school.

Saturday 1st October Valentina Vecchioa young puppeteer of the Granteatrino will stage a production of his own entitled Luck where are you?

Will follow Sunday 2 October, Madimù with The goddess of the circle by and with Marianna Dimuro.

And then again the Granteatrino with the most loved titles and the most well-known stories by the public of the little ones: The three Little Pigs (8 and 9 October), The prince and the pauper (15 and 16 October), The cat with the boots (22 and 23 October).

October 29th and 30th the Tuscan company Theater of the 12 moonsas in the best traditions of the period, it will bring on stage mysterious and strange creatures that form the company of the Transylvania Circus. Dragon men who breathe fire, acrobatic ghosts, a melancholy werewolf able to walk in balance on the moon and then her, the star of the show, the charming vampire woman, who will perform in the art of transformation.

November will open with the arrival of the landlord: the Pulcinella from Paolo Comentale, scheduled Saturday 5th November.

Between emotions and twists, the magical enchantment of the Pulcinella theater is renewed, living on the passionate participation of the public in a direct and creative relationship with the representation which in itself has a great value. Pulcinella puppet is a magical black and white elf capable with his inexhaustible joie de vivre to capture the attention of children and adults and therefore to be understood and appreciated also by international audiences.

Sunday 6th November an unprecedented version of Cinderella in black and white from Proscenium Theater from the Marche. The show faithfully tells the classic fairy tale and crosses the most dear and known moments to the public of all ages: there will be Cinderella in flesh and blood, with her dress dirty with ashes and with the sparkling one with which she presents herself at the party, there will be the Prince, the abandoned slipper and all the rest. On stage also animated puppets, funny situations and there will be direct involvement of the public.

It will be one Beauty and the Beast all Tuscan that of Company I Puppets of Stac. The staging, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, it will be a reinterpretation of the fable. On stage the puppets who, with irony, will intertwine the story with the regional tale “Bellinda and the Monster” reported by Italo Calvino.

The Granteatrino will celebrate the International Day of the Rights of the Child Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January with the show Celeste the fairy tale of Colors by and with Gianni Franceschini well-rounded illustrator and artist. The colors of the rainbow are the protagonists of this show that speaks in a light tone to younger children about important issues such as diversity, inclusion and rights.

Decemberwith the arrival of the party most loved by children, sees a series of shows dedicated to Christmas:

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December The miracle of St. Nicholas of the Granteatrino that with the drawings of Emanuele Luzzati will tell one of the most famous legends that flourished in a medieval environment about San Nicola, patron saint of the city of Bari, known all over the world;

Saturday 10 December Luna’s journey, the Granteatrino will tell a story that makes you dream, travel and why not, desire what is best in the màdie of the cooks Pina and Gina who tell the story of Luna with sympathy and tenderness;

Sunday 11 December one more Pulcinella but this time it will be Massimiliano Massari of Puppet Company in the moonlight to tell the adventures of the most famous mask in the world, struggling with Christmas preparations in the company of austere wife Teresina.

Finally, the Company Dreamlike Theater on stage Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th December with The Grinche Who Stole Christmas, based on the children’s book “The Grinch of Dr. Seuss”. It tells the story of the Grinch trying to take Christmas away from the inhabitants of Chistaqua who is right below his mountain hut. It is one of the Christmas classics of the sixties. The Grinch, over the years, has won the affection of generations of children, almost like its antagonist, Santa Claus.

Also this year the well-established artistic collaboration with the Conservatory “N. Piccinni ”of Bari for the setting up of mise en place with the students of the Conservatory and the actors / puppeteers of the Granteatrino for the staging and narration of stories and themes that combines puppets, music and actors in an unprecedented way. The artistic project, in the context of Resonances of the Levant will bring on stage Poetry in Music Friday 28 October at 6.00 pm at the Auditorium with free admission.

As usual, there will be training and education activities in theatrical viewing for children, families, schools and teachers with ad hoc artistic, theatrical and musical workshops and proposals for shows suitable for the public who frequent the spaces of the Casa di Pulcinella.

At the Teatro Casa di Pulcinelli shows for everyone until the end of December