Batman: Celebrate the day of the “Night Knight”, the DC hero, with his best series and movies

On Batman Day it is worth remembering the dozens of adventures and dramas that he has gone through six decades ago, when he first appeared on television. Bruce Wayne (or Bruno Díaz, as he was also known in Mexico), has a long history in film, TV and now in the hearing field, which is worth remembering.


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Bat Man once faced the practically immortal man that only a stake through the heart can kill. In this adventure the famous bloodsuckers are turning people into an army of vampires, taking advantage of his strength, speed and mental control. To top it off, The Joker and The Penguin add to the chaos, making the task even more complicated.


Batman does not know that he has an heir and even less that he has been trained by the League of Assassins, which has given him not only skill in combat, but got the idea that the end of any fight, death must appear. His rebellion drives the superhero crazy, who doesn’t know how to stop him, leading to a confrontation that can be harmful to both of them. The sequel to him was Batman vs. Robin.


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Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape and left the job to a gifted student. When it premiered at the beginning of the century, scenes of violence were removed because the Columbine massacre had just happened. In this film The murder of the Joker is told at some point, so few believe he is the one who is directing the chaos in the city.


The television series starring Adam West in the 1960s. The character’s dark side was removed and the tone of comedy was given to make it familiar. That’s why he can run with bombs about to explode to get them away from everyone, to be half eaten by a shark or to dance at parties.


In the mid-1980s, work began on the release of Bat Man in cinema. Burton, known for the darkness in his cinema, was chosen for it. So in 1989 he released Batman and three years later, Batman Returns, in which the Joker and The Penguin are the main villains, respectively. For the third that would have been Batman Forever, the studios decided to remove Burton, considering that the second film was too gloomy.


In 2005, under the direction of Christopher Nolan (Amnesia) and the leading role of Christian Bale, the hero was relaunched on the big screen with Batman Begins. There we see a human hero, who continuously battles his mind, while trying to do justice. Two films would continue the legacy.


Spotify audio series in which a serial killer, The Harvester, terrorizes Gotham City. The problem is that Batman does not appear, because for a reason, Bruno Díaz does not remember that he was and is dedicated to forensic medicine. Alfonso Herrera, Ana Brenda Contreras and Gustavo Sánchez Parra lent their Spanish voices to this story by David S. Goyer.



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Batman: Celebrate the day of the “Night Knight”, the DC hero, with his best series and movies