Bed bugs: here’s how to recognize them, protect yourself from them and eliminate them!

No matter the size of the apartment, bedbugs are unfortunately making a comeback. We tell you all about them!

Bed bugs like you’ve never read them!

5 millimeters is enough to cause panic. Halfway between brown and red, their shape, both round and flat, arouses curiosity. According to specialists, they could be confused with baby ticks or tiny cockroaches. Height of horror, once hatched, the bed bugs look like filthy white and yellow larvae. In order to identify them, experts rely on the trunk. The one nicknamed proboscis lengthens in order to recover the hemoglobin of their victims. In less than ten minutes, the damage is done. Faced with such revelations, the team ofObjeko a question arises. How can this tiny c*rps pump so much blood in record time?

Where and how to identify them?

Before acquiring a property, take the time to find out from the former owner of the premises. If you see collateral damage on the walls, that’s a bad sign. Spotted in the bedrooms, not far from the rendezvous with Morpheus, bed bugs come out incognito at night. During the day, they multiply en masse. Compared to vampires, these insects have become the bane of investors. Moreover, on the mattress, between the duvet and the sheet, horrible dark stains attest to their presence.

Bed bugs are taboo…

Once back from vacation, we should have this reflex. Washing clothes is essential to get rid of bed bugs. Hot water and a dryer fulfill their mission with flying colors. In addition, those who are on the lookout for bargains should learn to be wary of their finds. For example, is this mattress bought on an auction site really reliable? By trying toeradicate the presence of these cursed critters, you are taking a risk. That of not knowing how to manage toxic products sold in supermarkets. At the house of Objekowe remind you that companies dedicated to extermination reach out to you. With the help of suitable tools and approved pesticides, there is no doubt that he will manage to find an antidote.

… We will all come to the end!

In laboratories, the alarm bells are ringing. After two years of pandemic, admit that it would be a shame to catch the Chaga’s diseases because of a lack of vigilance or penny-pinching savings. On the other hand, Objeko advises you to memorize your blood type. Do you ever know, maybe you or that a donation would be needed for one of your loved ones? As for the bites of bed bugs, they itch almost as much as those of their friends the tiger mosquitoes. Fortunately, these unsightly red spots eventually disappear in a week. Courage ! We will tell you more in our next issue!

Bed bugs: here’s how to recognize them, protect yourself from them and eliminate them!