Between Dracula and Nosferatu, two cult vampire films abruptly canceled in Hollywood

The good days come and Karyn Kusama at Robert Eggersit looks like the vampires are heading back to the crypt.

Whether it’s global warming precipitating the return of a scorching sun a little more each year, some kind of curse, or perhaps the questionable teaser of the serial remake ofInterview with a Vampire, it seems that higher forces are sending several recently announced vampiric projects back to the grave.

Karyn Kusama, formidable filmmaker to whom we owe the cruelly misunderstood Jennifer’s Bodyand Robert Eggers, poet with animal elegance, have in fact one thing in common (beyond their undeniable talent, but that makes sense): their two respective films, Mina Harker and Nosferatu, were abruptly canceled a few weeks before filming.

It looks like Mina can rest her script

The first film was to be a more modern take on Bram Stoker’s novel and was to be told mostly from the point of view of its only female protagonist, Mina, than the actress Jasmine Cephas Jones (Hamilton, Blindspotting) had to interpret. If in the original book, Mina falls under the spell of the Transylvanian count before freeing herself from it upon his death, Kusama’s story was to take place far from the humid lands of London, and take place in the Californian lap of contemporary Los Angeles.

The filmmaker having wished to keep the secret with regard to its plot, it is thus difficult to know if the film should be a modern adaptation told from the point of view of the young woman, or if it should follow the peregrinations of the latter after she was ultimately never delivered from Dracula’s curse. None of these questions will be answered, however. production having been permanently put on hold following a series of creative disagreements between the filmmaker and Miramax, one of the two production companies behind the film. Suffice to say that we can largely regret this rather original version of the adventures around the famous vampire.

Jennifer's Body: photo, Megan FoxWhat creative differences are there to have with the director of a film like Jennifer’s Body?

And if murdering a first vampire before he even left the coffin wasn’t enough, the remake so much fantasized by its director Robert Eggers, Nosferatualso received a nasty stake in the heart.

While the long-awaited The Northman is preparing to invest the dark rooms with his singular violence, Robert Eggers intended to chain the myths by re-adapting the legendary film by Murnau, made in 1922. However, following the departure of Harry Styles from the projectwhich will have evoked a concern for the agenda (the favorite excuse in Hollywood to justify breakups, abandonment of projects, cancellation of visits and other joys), Nosferatu seems to have been interrupted, if not for good, at least for an indefinite time. In any case, this is what the filmmaker clarified in the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, explaining that the film would no longer be his next project.

Nosferatu the Vampire: PictureNosferatu’s shadow slips away from Eggers on tiptoe again

A blow for the filmmaker to whom the project was so close to heart, Eggers having also already tried a theatrical adaptation of the legendary film when he was still in high school. Since announcing his interest in Murnau’s vampire shortly after the unexpected success of The Witchhis first and bewitching feature film, the director finally went on to direct two other films, while doubting the merits of the project. The latter thus entrusted to IndieWire :

“Frankly, I no longer know, the project has already been dismantled twice (…). I wonder if somewhere, it’s not the ghost of Murnau trying to tell me to stop. »

So cursed projects or bad luck, it is however a shame that these two highly anticipated films cannot finally see the light of day (well, the dark rooms, we agree). If we hope, however, that the projects can resume their respective productions in one way or another, we will console ourselves until then by rediscovering Kusama’s filmography, and going discover The Northman in theaters May 11.

Between Dracula and Nosferatu, two cult vampire films abruptly canceled in Hollywood