Blood Red Sky: a vampiric trailer for the Netflix terrorist attack

Netflix Locks Up Terrorists With A Vampire In New Trailer Blood Red Sky (kamoulox).

Generally, locking things in a plane never turns out well. Already, in normal times, we question the Geneva Convention as soon as a baby cries or our neighbor snores. In the movies, sometimes we lock up passengers with funnier things, like snakes like in Snakes on the plane, zombies in a (too) short sequence of World War Z, or their libido and the imminence of their death in The Passing Lovers. But more often than not, we are just locked up with terrorists who want money, power, justice… in short boring people.

Examples are legion: Passenger 57, Ultimate Decision, Air Force One in the 1990s and closer to us, Flight, Nonstop and 7500 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Amazon Prime Video. Netflix having left to adapt the story of every particle that makes up this planet, it didn’t take long for her to jump on the concept. But to differentiate itself from the competition, it threw a bloodthirsty passenger in the midst of money-hungry terrorists. This gives the Anglo-German production Blood Red Sky which you can get a better idea of ​​with the teaser.

The storyline is crystalline simplicity: as terrorists take their flight hostage, a mother decides to unleash the inner demons she battles and becomes a shredder of henchmen. Given the forced landing, the masks falling from the ceiling, and the turbulence simulated by very beautiful camera shakes (the magic of the cinema), our sip of veins will give a hard time to the pirates of the sky.

In view of the transformation at the end of the teaser which makes more Blade that Twilight, chapter 1: Fascination, we can hope for a “terrorist plane movie” infused with true horror bias. According to the talent of director Peter Thorwarth, this plane could become at best a flying necropolis where death can arise from anywhere and at worst a series of anonymous pieces that we would almost forget that the plane never took off. The fact that Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) wears his best DTV jacket head, does not bode well.

No ma’am, sorry but we’re out of vomit bags

In addition to Lincoln Burrows, it’s Peri Baumeister, spotted in The Last Kingdom and the German series skylines, which will embody Nosferata at 20,000 feet. Roland Møller, a new imposing Scandinavian stature, will undoubtedly embody a not very nice big arm. To tell the truth, the cast will probably matter little to the success of the film which surely relies heavily on its concept. The film is therefore authorized to dig into the series B up to Z to carry out its horrific-aerial project, hoping that it lasts over the length (2h01).

The release date of Blood Red Sky is still unknown in France as in the USA. If you are not interested in blood vessel lickers, you can always turn to Awake where the absence of sleep awakens the madness of men or The Last Mercenary, new quirk of Jean Claude Van Damme. Both will stream on Netflix.

Blood Red Sky: a vampiric trailer for the Netflix terrorist attack