Brad Pitt, elopement with Ines de Ramon: that’s who his new flame is

The painful separation with Angelina Jolie seems to be just a distant memory. THE gossip in recent months, in fact, the following have been confirmed: Ines de Ramón has stolen the heart of Brad Pitt. The actor who has just turned 59 has treated himself to a elopement with her new flametrying to divert thoughts from the long legal battle with his ex-wife and finding new life in the beautiful jewelry designer.

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As for Brad Pitt also Ines de Ramónwho is vice president of Anita Ko luxury brand in the jewelry industry, has a marriage behind. The 30-year-old, in fact, got married in 2019 with the actor Paul Wesley and is very fresh off the break. Precisely for this reason the new couple seems to go with lead feet. But their attendance is now no longer a secret for the tabloids since last November. And just to protect themselves and their relationship, Brad and Ines have flown in Mexicoas far away from prying eyes as possible. But their presence in Cabo San Lucas, a seaside resort in the southern tip of the country, has not escaped the paparazzi who have immortalized them in some shots, also published by weekly Who. It is there that the actor joined Ines, to spend an excellent end and a sweet start to the year with her.

Photo Who

Already a couple

“They hang out together and have fun. They have a relationship and it is booming. There is no stress between them», a source assured some time earlier People. That the two were one couple for some time we had already heard it since last November, when the photographers caught affectionate hugs in the backstage of the concert Bono Vox, in Los Angeles. But that wasn’t the only occasion the two were “pinched” together. In fact, after the presentation of Babylon, the last film in which Pitt stars, the two appeared together again, before Brad Pitt’s birthday, to which the beautiful designer was naturally invited. And now the two seem to have rediscovered love together, after a troubled past by marriages that ended badly.

Who is Ines de Ramon

The woman who speaks fluent English, French, German and Italian for work, in 2019 married one of the most famous vampires on the big screen, Paul Wesley. Their bond naturally didn’t escape the paparazzi, though the marriage officially ended last September. And after less than two months, the jewelry designer began dating Brad Pitt. A report that is increasingly intriguing gossip enthusiasts from all over the world who are now anxiously awaiting theofficial.

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Brad Pitt, elopement with Ines de Ramon: that’s who his new flame is