Brad Pitt’s iconic haircuts from the 80s to today

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Brad Pitt is almost 60 years old and is still one of the most beautiful men in the world. Time has literally stopped for him and even if his appearance doesn’t seem to change, his hair takes care of transforming in his place.

Over the years, in fact, the American actor has changed many looks, starting with the jaunty tuft of Thelma & Louise, passing through the long wild hair of Wind of Passions and Interview with the vampireup to a very short cut up Seven. Also unforgettable was that 2004 in which he decided to opt for a super short shave or when in 2005 he decided to bleach his honey blond and transform it into platinum tending towards white.

However you decide to picture it, Brad Pitt remains the most beautiful in Hollywoodeternal youngster, to the point that one wonders if he isn’t really a vampire.

Brad Pitt, one haircut at a time

Which ones are they Brad Pitt’s iconic cuts, Hollywood actor and producer, now in cinemas with Babylon and Bullet Train? Let’s go through them together, one by one.

In the eighties, Brad Pitt changes his look as the seasons would change in 2022: more or less every week. We start with a medium-short cut with a side tuft, then we move on to a longer cut and with a more important tuft and then we get to an even longer cut, to finally embrace the Nineties.

Brad Pitt’s Nineties can be divided into two parts: in the first period the hair lengthens, very much, until it almost clears up and becomes very blond. In the second period, however, they return shorter, almost to a helmet, with the tuft that returns overbearingly on the forehead and the blond darkens until it returns to its classic honey.

In the 2000s, Brad Pitt’s hair they lengthen again, then shorten dramatically and veer towards a super short shave or a very short platinum blonde cut. Until today, in which Brad Pitt decides to definitively abandon his iconic tuft to make room for more old school hairstyles, with medium-length hair pulled back.

brad pitt

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Hair aside: how can Brad Pitt still be so young, beautiful and timeless? Or rather: time is definitely passing for him too and his gray hair that mixes with his classic honey blonde proves it. And although there is a good percentage of luck, lifestyle and – of course – genetics, there is something else that makes Brad Pitt still today one of the most beautiful and charming men in Hollywood.

Since when Brad Pitt is also a producerwith her Plan B, manages to churn out one heralded success after another. Thanks to a great talent, as well as an undeniable attractiveness. Brad Pitt is unique, inimitable, very few like him – and his hair, however iconic, is just a small piece of the puzzle.

Brad Pitt’s iconic haircuts from the 80s to today