Buffy Against The Vampires: Sarah Michelle Gellar cold with Alyson Hannigan on the set?

Being a good actress means knowing how to deceive you in any situation. And at this game, it would seem that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan were particularly gifted for quite a while on the filming of buffy Against the Vampires. While the series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and on this occasion a book dedicated to the mythical series of the 90s has just been published (into Every Generation has Slayer Is Terminal: How buffy Staked Our Hearts by Evan Ross Katz)we learn a little more about the inglorious behind-the-scenes of the hit series.

buffy Against the Vampires: constant tensions on set

Already, a little over a year ago, Charisma Carpenter delivered “his truth” on Josh’s inappropriate behavior whedondirector of the series, towards him. This time, it’s revelations about the relationship between the two main stars of the series – Sarah Michelle Gellar alias buffy and Alyson Hanniganwho played Willow – who talk about them. Indeed, if in the series they were the best friends in the world and were inseparable, supporting each other in the trials and fighting the forces of evil hand in hand, it was not so in reality. The two actresses did not necessarily let it show at the time on the red carpets they walked together, the shows where they appeared arm in arm. And yet, apparently, they didn’t get along at all.

While from its launch, the series buffy The Vampire Slayer became a role model for many 90s teens, giving them a positive outlook on society (the difficulties of adolescence, figures of combative women, acceptance of differences and multiple beliefs, openness to the LGBT world, etc.)the discords seemed numerous in the team of actors.We were working really hard” explains Sarah Michelle Gellar in an interview with Evan Ross Katz when preparing his book, before adding:We were young and we had ups and downs. Everybody had fightsconcedes Freddie’s girlfriend Prince Jr..There were times when David Boreanaz (the interpreter of the beautiful Angel, Buffy’s lover, editor’s note) could be difficult. Not with me, but he was. I imagine other people thought that of me. All was not rosy. Not everyone gets along with everyone, all the time. Alyson and I had our moments, that’s indisputableregret Sarah Michelle Gellar in the book.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan : a lull?

It would seem that over time, the discords have subsided and that now, the two actresses have returned to more peaceful relations.Unfortunately, I think the set we were on and the world we lived in pitted us against each other. […] I think that if all this had happened today, things would have been different. We would have had a totally different relationship, but now we have a good relationship” concedes Sarah Michelle Gellar. The actress having however deserted the film sets to devote herself to her cooking business, there is little chance that we will find these two together on the screen.

Buffy Against The Vampires: Sarah Michelle Gellar cold with Alyson Hannigan on the set?