Camping Paradis: very trying start for Laurent Ournac on TF1…

Thanks to Camping Paradis, and after the success of My Incredible Fiancé, Laurent Ournac has acquired legitimacy as an actor. The series meets great audiences and corresponds perfectly to the public of TF1, which acclaims the show. But is this still the case today? Broadcast in the afternoon, the series struggles against the sports competition of France 2.

TF1 relies on Camping Paradis

At the beginning of July, TF1 relies on Camping Paradis for its afternoons. And since August 8, Laurent Ournac’s series returns to the air, from 2:10 p.m., with two episodes (reruns, of course). But Monday, August 15, it’s a whole new competition that faces the French series. Throughout the week, France 2 decides to bet on The European Championships in Munich. Sport is always a great success on the channel. This is not the first time that Laurent Ournac has faced sporting competition. At the beginning of July, his campsite found itself facing a behemoth: the Tour de France.

The first episode, on August 15, between 2:11 p.m. and 3:53 p.m., titled The Fortune Telling, gathered 1.83 million people. This is a rebroadcast of an episode from 2011. So a great performance. We even note an increase of 1.3 points over one week since 19.8% of the entire public were on TF1. But from 2:47 p.m., thanks to the European championships, France 2 passes in front of the commercial target. The second episode of the series gathered only 15.7% market share, a loss of 0.1 point over one week.

A replay of an unprecedented sporting competition

Should we see this as a warning signal for Laurent Ournac and his friends? Not really. Truth be told, the series’ score is admirable considering that it’s reruns every afternoon. The series manages to convince hundreds of thousands of viewers with old episodes, sometimes broadcast several times. This proves that the show can be watched anytime. In prime time for new releases, and in the afternoon during the after-meal siesta for reruns.

Should we fear for the future of the show with Laurent Ournac? No. It is normal for the audiences to be less impressive in the face of the European championships. Sports competitions always attract great audiences in France. Just look at the recent success of the Tour de France, a competition that comes back every year. For their part, the European championships are less frequent, therefore more expected. And when France performs well, audiences are logically boosted.

Laurent Ournac has put aside his friendship with Adeline

If Laurent Ournac made himself known, it is not thanks to Camping Paradis. It’s thanks to My incredible fiancé, this show in which he must drive a certain Adeline crazy by pretending to be the worst possible boyfriend. Once she learns it was a hoax, she is given a mission. She must succeed in convincing her parents that she is going to marry this man. If she succeeds, she wins 100,000 euros. Very close after the shooting, Laurent and Adeline finally moved away over time. It is in all that she will announce in 20 minutes.

Filming took place in February 2005 and the show aired in July. We saw each other many times before the broadcast, we were very, very close. I thought I had won a friend for life, we also said that we would never leave each other. Finally, at the broadcast, nothing happened as planned. The success was very great, Lawrence saw that he could continue in there, he seized opportunities and he understood that he had to separate from me in his trajectory. It was quite difficult for me because I didn’t understand why we couldn’t be friends anymore. There’s work for everyone, just because he decides to do stuff with TF1 doesn’t mean we can’t be friends anymore. This is where I was very disappointed, he cut ties as he went along, he remained unreachable and it stayed like that… “

Camping Paradis: very trying start for Laurent Ournac on TF1…