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This article was updated on 01/13 with the best series on the streaming platform in January 2023.

Historically, Canal+ is THE cinema channel in France. Thanks to its myCanal digital platform (replay, VoD), certain subscription formulas and its SVoD service (Canal+ Series), the broadcaster is gradually establishing itself as a player that counts on the TV series side.

Between its original productions and the programs broadcast thanks to its many partnerships, the catalog offered by Canal has nothing to envy to the market leaders. Better still, by concluding agreements with netflix, SCO, Disney+ and a slew of specialty channels, Canal launched the Cine Series Packsurely the most complete offer in the sector for fans of series and the seventh art.

Every month, we will therefore establish an updated selection of best programs available on myCanalwhether original Canal+ creations or content distributed in the basic offeror available via the Cine Series pack.

In January, Documentary Now! is the editor’s favourite.

What are the best series to watch on Canal+ (January 2023)?

CNET France’s favorite

Documentary Now!


documentary UFO, Documentary Now! pays homage to documentaries that have marked history by deliciously parodying them. Presented by Helen Mirren, each episode, shot in a reportage style, looks back on “great events” that never took place.

The opinion of CNET France

You don’t need to be an expert in documentary films to appreciate Documentary Now! But, in some cases, it helps to appreciate the meticulousness of this American project apart. From the fertile imagination of former screenwriters and actors from the Saturday Night Livethe series offers a collection of mockumentaries based on one, or more, cult films, to draw from them absurd situations played out with papal seriousness.

During the first two seasons, we see two actors playing most of the main roles: Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, who has since been cast in an acclaimed series, barry (on HBO and OCS). The fourth season, broadcast on Canal since December 19, makes up for their absence with a host of guest stars, including Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) as a documentary filmmaker who films the indigenous peoples of the Urals… at the same time as the pilot of a sitcom on the spot, all in the 1970s. Better still: Liliane Rovère, the Arlette of Ten percent, is at the center of the last episode of season 4 …. in the role of a demanding and singular artist who is reminiscent of a certain Agnès Varda. A beautiful program which is helped by a stunning recreation of the making of the parodied documentaries.

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The other series of our selection

Better Things

Better Things follows the busy daily life of a divorced mother who navigates her precarious situation as an actress while raising her three daughters alone.

With its polished writing and impeccable casting, Better Things is a show that goes off the beaten path of the American sitcom to offer us a program that is both funny and touching. The series paints the portrait of unique and fascinating characters whose sincerity is always refreshing. Sam Fox is a sort of alter ego of Pamela Adlon herself and invites the viewer to follow her chaotic daily life with all the emotions that invite it.

This is Going to Hurt

The tribulations of an obstetrics doctor who spends all his time in the hospital until he feels exhausted in a health system itself on the verge of implosion.

In This Is Going To HurtBen Whishaw (Sky Fall, Paddington) slips brilliantly into the skin of Adam Kay (a real doctor and author of the book “It’s likely to hurt!” which inspired the series), a young obstetrician overworked in a hospital in need of resources. Between difficult decisions and lack of free time, Adam’s daily life is exhausting and the series explores the cost of this life, which is as thankless as it is rewarding. The show puts us face to face with an uncomfortable and unsavory reality, that of a nursing staff always on edge who passes under time covered with bodily fluids of all kinds. To see without hesitation.


In 1978, Didier Mathure, a great space engineer, saw his rocket explode on takeoff and found himself transferred to Gépan, a department of CNES responsible for giving a scientific explanation to all kinds of reports of strange phenomena. If Didier is initially skeptical, an extraordinary event will come to upset his convictions.

UFO(s)it is the meeting between X Files and French humor. This series combines the supernatural, the comical, and the absurd, resulting in an incongruous story that effortlessly captures the viewer’s attention. With its garish colors and its very 1970 atmosphere, UFO(s) transports us to a world where the impossible is possible and where the characters try as best they can to explain it. A French series not to be missed.

Rogue Heroes

During the Second World War, David Stirling, an eccentric young officer, considers that traditional commando units do not work. He then hatches a radical plan that goes against all the rules of modern warfare. He fights for permission to recruit the toughest, boldest and brightest soldiers to put together a small, secret unit that will wreak havoc behind enemy lines.

Carried by a cast of the most charismatic, with Connor Swindells (Sex Education), Jack O’Connell (Invincible) and Alfie Allen (Game Of Thrones) on your mind, Rogue Heroes offers an explosive staging and a biting story that keeps the viewer in suspense from start to finish. During the six episodes of its first season, the show introduces us to characters as atypical as they are endearing and takes the viewer on an absolutely crazy story.

It’s a Sin

In the London of the 1980s, several young members of the LGBTQ+ community find themselves confronted with the alarming crisis of AIDS and begin their adult lives in the midst of this drama.

In five episodes of great accuracy, It’s a Sin explores with strength and sensitivity the chaos caused by the virus in its infancy, slaloming between the confusion of scientists, media silence, and irrational behavior towards patients caused by fear of a disease that we still do not really know. The series features endearing characters whose heartbreaking stories stay with the viewer beyond viewing the series. A great mini-series, incredibly well written, directed and performed.


The strange relationship between the famous psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter and one of his patients, a young FBI profiler named Will Graham, tortured by his all-consuming fascination with serial killers…

Hannibal exudes something mystical, a form of terrifying dreaminess visible in many shots. His finesse of writing is also to be underlined, and let us add that the atmosphere is in tune. Frightening, oppressive, dark, it raises the pressure and the suspense very easily. To the point of being suffocating? Sometimes yes, Hannibal is often as unhealthy as possible. Nothing, however, to disgust us with this very good series. Despite a drop in speed at the end of season 2, and a slight redundancy, we are talking about an atypical nugget.


Florence Foresti, when she is not on stage, she is a person like the others. The comedian then invites us into his daily life as a mother on joint custody, a drifting single, an artist in search of inspiration, and chronically anxious.

With Orders, Florence Foresti offers us a real fake autobiography where the boundary between reality and fiction is often blurred. Both funny and touching, her series takes us into her daily life, every other week, while she doesn’t have her daughter in her care and tries to write a new show. Florence Foresti recounts and stages an authentic story that turns out to ring true, and which draws as much on self-mockery as on emotion.


Following a plane crash, the young members of a women’s football team are forced to survive in a wild and inhospitable environment. 20 years later, we find what remains of his survivors and discover how they got away with it.

If plane crash stories pique curiosity, the series pushes the concept by peppering it with teenage hormones and cannibalism. The strength of Yellowjackets is based on its stunning cast (Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Tawney Cypress, Christina Ricci), and on an agonizing staging that plays as much on the codes of horror as on those of mystery drama. Uunique and daring series which we can’t wait to discover the sequel.

What We Do In The Shadows

This series tells the daily life of three vampires living in shared accommodation in New York for hundreds of years. Serial adaptation of the film Vampires in privacy released in 2014, What We Do in the Shadows retains all the madness and humor of the feature film, and develops its original idea brilliantly for 4 seasons. Management of immortality, victims to find, powers to master, rivalry with werewolves… The series never misses an opportunity to make us burst out laughing, and will certainly appeal to fans of absurd and offbeat humor. A fantastic series like no other, therefore, and to discover absolutely on the myCanal streaming platform.

Conversations with Friends

Two Dublin students, Frances and Bobbi, form a complex affair with a married couple who will test the limits of their friendship.

Based on the eponymous novel by Sally Rooney (whose book Normal People has also been brilliantly adapted into a series), Conversations with Friends is a series that deciphers the complex emotions of characters who challenge us with their sensitivity. In front of this series, the viewer spends his time reconsidering his own relationship to the characters, questioning in turn who is at fault and who to support. In the end, the series presents individuals with refreshing vulnerability and draws us into their stories with accuracy and subtle narration.

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The Cine Series pack in brief

With Canal, Canal+ Series, Netflix, OCS, Disney+ and a large number of American branches (Adult Swim, Sundance TV, etc.), the Ciné Séries pack is the offer targeting TV series enthusiasts and other film lovers. Beyond its plethoric catalog, its price positioning is also attractive.

For the non-binding offer (100% digital) and the two-year commitment (via the Canal decoder or your TV box), the price is 34.99 euros per month (Canal+ package and Ciné Séries Pack). For those under 26, it is necessary to count 20.49 euros per month. And if you are already subscribers, adding the pack to your bouquet will cost you 17 euros per month.

In short, for those who want to be able to access the main streaming platforms on the market (thanks to a single subscription), this is undoubtedly an alternative to consider.

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