Christmas at all costs: meeting with Christian De Sica and Angela Finocchiaro, stainless couple for Netflix

Christmas at all costs is not a cinepanettone but a gentle comedy about family, Christmas and vampire children that arrives on Netflix on December 19th. The actors presented it to the press today.

Luckily, they don’t just go out at Christmas feel good movie that celebrate happy families intent on unwrapping presents under the tree, and now that the cinepanettone is missing, to dispel the myth of “At Christmas we are all better” we think of a comedy that is neither cynical nor polite and at the same time biting, tender and naughty enough.
It debuts on Netflix on December 19so soon, Christmas at all costsreworking of the French comedy Mes Très Chers Enfants. To direct the remake is John Bognettiwhile in front of the camera there are Christian De Sica, Angela Finocchiaro, Claudius Colica And Dharma Eats Woods.

Christmas at all costs tells about Charles and of Annawho are sad because the children Emilio And Alexandra they have decided to leave the nest to make an adult life. As soon as they get out of the house, the boys begin to give a damn about their parents and never call them. Like this Charles And Anna they take their revenge, making their children believe they have inherited 6 million Euros and experiencing the pettiness of the boys, who suddenly resume frequent visits to mum and dad. Obviously the film is about Christmas, a great celebration that Anna And Charles really hope to spend with Emilio And Alexandra.

The press conference of Christmas at all costs begins with the right answer to a controversy that broke out due to a joke of Charles (De Sica). While drinking a wine from Abruzzo, the pater familias says: “It’s shit”. After hearing it in the trailer, the President of the Abruzzo region was offended and wanted to send a letter to Christian De Sica. The actor comments on the incident: “I very often go to Pescara to do shows and I like Abruzzo wine a lot. In fact, I want to tell the president that he wrote me a letter, to which I still haven’t replied because I was waiting for the press conference , which in the film I add to the sentence: ‘It’s shit’ the words ‘no joke, it’s good, it’s full-bodied’ You have to think of the scene, of these two terrible children who go to dinner with their parents just for the money, and therefore the mother prepares a pie made with entrails for her vegan daughter, while the son, who brings him an expensive wine, the father says it sucks, but he does it to be rude and not for the wine itself. it has nothing to do with it. Long live Abruzzo and the wine of Abruzzo!”.

Christian De Sica he is visibly sorry for the inconvenience, also because he cares a lot about Christmas at all costswhere he found Angela Finocchiaro, already his set partner on several occasions. First of all, the actress talks about the happy artistic partnership: “Our couple has reached maturity, after we’ve been through a lot in the other films. In the last one we became lovers again, and so now we can say that we are truly a stainless couple. I am delighted to work with ChristianI can’t wait to make another film with him.”

De Sica obviously he is happy to have found the Fenneland in expressing his appreciation for the film, he makes journalists laugh with other jokes, which this time risk alienating the sympathies of those who are overweight: “In the film before this, Angela the Befana and I did Santa Claus. I want to thank Alessandro Usai And John Bognetti for choosing me for this comedy, which is a love. When they called me, I got scared. They showed me the French film and I was shocked by the two French protagonists: monsters! Truly two fat men, but then old! And so I went by Angela and I said to her: ‘But have we become like this?’. I’m glad I made this film, because, without denying the cinepanettoni – also because if I’m here I owe it to those films too – I admit that it’s been a long time since I made a comedy. I was doing farces. Making a comedy with our director was great. John he was very good with everyone, because no actor is out of place in the film: they are all extraordinary, and I think it depends on the direction, because the eye that looks at you is very important, and Bognetti he has an exceptional eye”.

Christian De Sica And Angela Finocchiaro they are more or less the same age as their characters, and like them they have children who have left the nest. When it happened, neither of us felt sad.

“I didn’t mind seeing them go” – he explains De Sica – “indeed, it was a liberation, also because I’m lucky enough not to have children interested in money. This Christmas we’ll all be together, then I don’t only have children: I have relatives, including my brother-in-law Charles Verdone along with his children. In short, we are a cooperative and we all get along very well together, and then we are both nice and me Charles, so our children stay at home, also because they go? They have much more fun with us than outside. Therefore, I’ve never had the abandonment syndrome”.

Instead he says the Fennel: “I didn’t expect it, because I’m anxious and clingy, but I pushed them away. Besides, we’re not as nice as Christian And Charlesand so if the kids come back, it’s not really big laughs.”

In Christmas at all costs, Christmas is not seen as a celebration of consumerism but as a moment of sharing, in which parents try to make their children happy. Like their characters, Christian De Sica And Angela Finocchiaro love the December holidays and reveal what they asked Santa Claus this year.

“I would still like fifty years”- he confesses Angela Finocchiaro – “because I’m very slow: I’m still understanding some things and I’d like to put them into practice. Christmas? I’m not sure what it represents for me, but I always try to invent something, I like for example that the delivery of presents becomes a beautiful moment, and therefore I always try to recreate the atmosphere that we all loved so much when the kids were little, because we invented so many ways to make surprises. We are more and more rotten, more and more tired, but we try to keep the tradition” .

“The hope is that this ugly war will end as soon as possible” – he adds De Sica. “It would be nice to find a peace agreement under the tree. It would be the best, and then we all need a little peace of mind, we need it, and by peace I mean many things: happiness, health, work. Christmas is a great time for me, as I’ve been making films that come out this part of the year for a long time, so I’m still happy to be here at a press conference in front of you asking me questions.”

After that Christian De Sica he said he is happy to talk to the press, the journalists go wild with questions, asking first of all his opinion on the mania for being politically correct at all costs: “In Italy now you have to really pay attention to political correctness” – he replies the actor. “Nothing more can be said, and for a comedian it’s a problem, because now if I were to remake one of the films that Aurelio De Laurentiis I was doing at Christmas, I would go to prison, because if what happened happened due to a joke of one of my characters about wine, I dare not imagine what a revolution would break out. I’ve done really awful things in the movies, but the truth is that you laugh with the devil, you don’t laugh with Saint Francis, Saint Francis it’s not funny. And anyway he laughs with malice, because the comedian is bad. The old woman who falls is a bad thing, but she makes you laugh, so this uncompromising attitude is not good for the cinema. It’s full of little comedies, all very elegant, for heaven’s sake, but which aren’t very funny. And in fact those roars that were at the Barberini cinema twenty years ago are no longer there. And yet, Checco Zalone, who continues to enjoy great success, is the most politically incorrect actor there is. So there is hope.”

Speaking of hope, many still hope that Christian De Sica you come back as a protagonist, perhaps together with Massimo Boldi, of one or more cinepanettoni. TO De Sica he would like to immerse himself again in the atmospheres of the various holiday films, but his perplexities are more than legitimate: “The fact is that they never called me again. If they did it again, I would accept in a hurry, because on my social channels there are many who want me see again in a cinepanettone. The other day I published the poster of this film and I received 1700 messages. Everyone asked me: but when are you going back to being a cinepanettone? Why don’t you Yuppies 3? I answer by saying that there is an age for everything. Certain things, when you are no longer young, you can no longer do, it is as if they had asked theAlberto Sordi in there with the years of redoing An American in Rome. He wouldn’t have succeeded. My brother-in-law Charles couldn’t do it again A lot beautiful, since he’s my age. If I and Boldi let’s do another one Yuppiespeople would spit in our faces.”

Christmas at all costs: meeting with Christian De Sica and Angela Finocchiaro, stainless couple for Netflix