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Tuesday 20 December 17.30(3D) – 20.00(2D) VO with Italian subtitles – 21.00(3D)

Puss in boots 2

by Joel Crawford, Januel Mercado

Duration 111 mins. – Use 2022 – Animation

For the first time in ten years, DreamWorks Animation presents a new chapter in the Shrek fairy tales in which the daring outlaw, Puss in Boots, will pay a heavy price for his notorious passion for danger and disregard for safety. Though he lost count along the way, the Puss burned eight of his nine lives. To get them back he will embark on a colossal undertaking.
In the original version, Oscar nominee Antonio Banderas returns to voice the famous Puss by accompanying him on an epic journey to find the legendary Wishing Star in the Black Forest to reclaim the lost lives. With only one life left, the Puss will be forced to ask for help from his former partner and nemesis: the charming “Velvet Paws” Kitty (Oscar nominee Salma Hayek).
In their enterprise, the Cat and Kitty will be helped – against all common sense – by a battered, talkative and joyful stray named Perro (Harvey Guilln, “Vampire life – What We Do in the Shadows”). Together, our trio of heroes must stay one step ahead of Goldilocks (Academy Award nominee Florence Pugh, “Black Widow”) and the Three Bears Crime Family of “Big” Jack Horner (winner Emmy winner John Mulaney, “Big Mouth”), and the terrifying bounty hunter, the Big Bad Wolf (Wagner Moura, “Narcos”).


Monday 12 December 19.20 – 21.15

Tuesday 13 December 7.20pm*

Wednesday 14 December 18.00*

Thursday 15 December 18.00*

Friday 16 December 15.30 – 16.15 – 18.00

Saturday 17 December 15.30 – 16.15 – 18.00

Sunday 18 December 15.30 – 16.15 – 18.00

Monday 19 December 18.00*

Tuesday 20 December 18.00*

Wednesday 21 December 18.00*

Sala Maggiore – Sala Minor

* reduced admission for all

Garibaldi cinema


by Paul Costella

with Claudio Bisio, Vittoria Puccini, Valentina Lodovini, Vinicio Marchioni.

Duration 88 min. – Italy 2022 – Comedy

Giulio and Federica are a couple in crisis: he, a musician and professor at the conservatory, makes sarcastic jokes about everything, refusing to face any problem; she has a shop and a daughter, but she would have liked other children and she doesn’t understand her husband’s defeatist attitude. Another couple lives in the condominium where they live, made up of the fireman Salvatore and the psychologist Laura, who have loud and frequent sex. Federica has invited them home for an aperitif, Giulio wants to scold them for the excessive volume of their embraces, but her wife prefers not to limit Laura’s orgasmic prowess, of which she is openly and good-naturedly envious. What Giulio and Federica don’t know is that Salvo and Laura would like to make them part of their regular practice: multi-body sex, in the form of partner swapping, orgies and so on.


Wednesday 14 December 21.15*

Thursday 15 December –

Friday 16 December 19.30

Saturday 17 December 20.00

Sunday 18 December 16.00 – 21.15*

Monday 19 December –

Tuesday 20 December –

wednesday 21 december –

* reduced admission for all

The Corset of the Empress

by Marie Kreutzer

with Vicky Krieps, Florian Teichtmeister, Katharina Lorenz, Jeanne Werner, Alma Hasun

Duration 112 mins. – Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, 2022 – Biographical

Vienna, 1877. On December 24, the Empress of Austria Elisabeth, known to most as Sissi, turns 40, an age that for a woman of the time, especially one known for her attractiveness, marked the beginning of the end. . Elizabeth is unhappy, and does nothing to hide it: she stages strategic fainting during official parades, cultivates suicidal plans and spends time with men who reserve her that attention, and that look, which her husband, the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, intent on courting girls who could be his daughters and disoriented by his wife’s restlessness. The empress’s escapes away from the court, or the requests of the dignitaries for her to maintain an official demeanor worthy of her rank, are worthless: Elizabeth feels suffocated in her gilded cage and perceives all the injustice of her time and of the world. of her against all female gender.


Friday 16 December 21.15

Saturday 17 December 18.00 – 21.30

Sunday 18 December 17.30 – 19.30

Monday 19 December 7.15pm*

Tuesday 20 December 19.15* VO with Italian subtitles

Wednesday 21 December 21.15*

* reduced admission for all

My friend Max

by Alessandro Bencivenga

Duration 80 mins. – Italy 2022 – Documentary, Biographical

Almost 70 years after the anniversary of the birth of Massimo Troisi, a documentary film on the life and artistic career of the Neapolitan actor. Cabaret, theatrical and television performances, backstage, period photos, and interviews with friends and exponents of the entertainment world. Finally, a special participation, that of Gerardo Ferrara, the stunt double who accompanied and eased the efforts on the set of Troisi in the famous Il postino.


Saturday 17 December 4.30pm*

Sunday 18 December –

Monday 19 December 21.15

Tuesday 20 December 21.15

Wednesday 21 December 19.30*

* reduced admission for all

Cinema: films in theaters in Poggibonsi from 14 to 21 December 2022 |