Columbo: 10 actors who played in the series before being known

During its 24 years of broadcast, the cult series Colombo has seen many actors and actresses in secondary roles. Some gave the reply to Peter Falk before becoming, in turn, stars of the small or big screen. Zoom in on ten of them.

Jamie Lee Curtis, of Colombo at Halloween


A year before the release of the first film in the saga Halloweenwhich propelled her to the height of fame in 1978, Jamie Lee Curtis played a small role in episode 3 of season 6 of Colombo. She lends her features to a waitress. Did you notice it?

Martin Sheen

martin sheen, columbo


If Martin Sheen had already gained some notoriety when he appeared on the show Colombo in 1973, the actor was far from a child star (To the White House, Grace and Frankie) and the big screen (The Wild Stroll, Apocalypse Now) as it is today. He plays a certain Karl Lessing in episode 1 of season 3 of the detective series.

Kim Cattrall

kim cattrall, columbo


Before becoming the iconic Samantha Jones of Sex And The City at the end of the 90s, Kim Cattrall multiplied small roles in films and series. She notably appeared in episode 4 of season 7 of Colombo in 1978, in the guise of a woman named Joanne Nichols.

Pat Morita, of Colombo at Karate Kid

pat morita, columbo


It was in 1984 that the whole world became acquainted with Pat Morita, thanks to his role as Kesuke Miyagi in the film Karate Kid. Shortly before being propelled to the height of glory, the actor chained small roles on television and went through Colombo. He played the role of a butler in episode 1 of season 2 in 1972.

Matthew Rhys

matthew rhys, columbo


Famous for his roles as Kevin Walker in Brothers and Sisters and Philip Jennings in The AmericansMatthew Rhys has, before that, pointed out in the very last episode of the series Colombo in 2003. The actor lent his features to a certain Justin Price, who is none other than… the murderer.

Katey Sagal

katey sagal, columbo


Katey Sagal appears briefly in episode 3 of season 3 of Colombo in 1973, in the role of a secretary. Still unknown at that time, she had to wait a few years before landing the role that made her career take off: that of Peggy Bundy in Married, two children. Thereafter, Katey Sagal becomes an emblematic face of the series, thanks to her characters of Cate Hennessy in Don’t touch my girls and Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of Anarchy.

Ricardo Montalbán went through Colombo before landing on Fantasy Island

Ricardo Montalban, columbo


Ricardo Montalbán lent his features to Luis Montoya in episode 4 of the fifth season of Colombo in 1976. Two years later, he became a real star of the small screen thanks to his role as Mr. Roarke in the cult series Fantasy Island.

Kristin Bauer

kristin bauer, columbo


Kristin Bauer is famous among series fans for her roles as Pam in True Blood and Maleficent in Once Upon A Time. Previously, she played a certain Suzie Endicott in Colombo In 1994.

Doug Savant, of Colombo at Desperate Housewives Passing by Melrose Place

doug savant, thomas calabro, columbo


A few months before being revealed to the general public thanks to his role as Matt Fielding in the soap opera Melrose PlaceDoug Savant plays in Colombo. He plays detective Dennis Mulrooney in episode 5 of season 10, where he gives the answer to a certain Thomas Calabro who will later be his co-star of Melrose Place. The world is small.

Ian McShane

ian mcshane, columbo


In 1990, Ian McShane plays Leland St. John in episode 4 of season 9 of Colombo. Although accustomed to appearances in series at this time, the actor has not yet landed the role that propels him to the front of the stage: that of Al Swearengen in Deadwood. In recent years, Ian McShane has notably distinguished himself in the series American Gods.

Columbo: 10 actors who played in the series before being known