Criminal love: from 20 October on Rai 3 the new edition, hosts Emma D’Aquino

The program dedicated to stories of feminicide is back on Rai 3. The journalist Emma D’Aquino takes the place of Veronica Pivetti.

From Thursday 20 October 2022 it comes back up Rai 3 Criminal love. The new edition is conducted by the journalist and face of Tg1 Emma D’Aquino.

Criminal Love 2022, Emma D’Aquino to conduct

On air since 2017 Amore Criminale deals with stories of physical and psychological violence but also sexual and economic. At the center the story of women who lost their lives on behalf of husbands, boyfriends, men who said they loved them. In reconstruction of their life are highlighted the alarm bells and the dynamics gradually led to an escalation of violence.

After Camila Raznovich, Luisa Ranieri, Barbara De Rossi, Asia Argento and Veronica Pivettithe witness passes to the journalist Emma D’Aquino. After many years as the face of Tg1, he has decided to try his hand at hosting, as has already been done by his colleague Alberto Matano, now at the helm of Live Life.

The first six episodes of the program were recorded in Rai production center in Turin. Same location as the new edition of Matilde D’Errico’s spin off Survived. Emma D’Aquino as well as deepening the stories of the protagonists has also met personally friends and family of the victims.

In addition to Amore Criminale, from 10 September Emma D’Aquino, again on Rai 3, is already on air with Rebels, program dedicated to characters charismatic and very talented in different fields such as Oriana Fallaci, Edoardo Agnelli, Pietro Mennea up to Pope Luciani.

Criminal love, the format

For 15 years, Criminal Love has been telling stories cases of feminicide that actually occurred in Italy. Each episode is dedicated to the memory of a woman who was a victim of violence, harassment, abuse and who unfortunately was unable to survive as she was killed by her partner.

Each story, accompanied by narrator’s voice, is reconstructed deepening the psychological aspects to the judicial and procedural implications. Through the use of the docu-fiction the reconstruction takes place by means of the union of different narrative languages: fiction, repertoire, documentary and interviews. Indeed, they intervene friends and family of the victims but also lawyers, investigators, magistrates and experts who followed the case.

The transmission in addition to carrying on an important battle of social denunciation it’s a awareness campaign against violence against womenalso has another purpose. It is to examine what factors influence male violence. So that alarm bells can be recognized in time.

All the stories of violence told to Amore Criminale are always linked by a common denominator, namely the possession. In fact, their partners are considered as a “property”, an extension of themselves. For this reason they often tend, as a first phase, to isolate them from friends and relatives, in order to have full control over it.

Women asking for help

There are numerous women who recognize themselves in stories of Criminal Love and they write to the editorial staff asking for help as they wish to get out of the vortex of violence they experience firsthand before it’s too late. Each appeal is forwarded to Anti-Violence Center closest to the home of the woman who turned to the program.

The format is designed Matilde D’Errico and Maurizio Iannelli. It is written with Roman Morocco and Elena Mandarano. It is made in collaboration with the‘Arma dei Carabinieri and is produced by Palomar.

Criminal love: from 20 October on Rai 3 the new edition, hosts Emma D’Aquino