Critical to Day Shift. Action and vampires in the summer movie on Netflix

It is already available in Netflix, Day shift. Jamie Foxx a vampire hunter, is this action movie with the scent of 80s cinema

Day shift has been directed by JJ Perry and produced by Impossible Dream Entertainment’s Yvette Yates Redick’s and Chad Stahelski (director of the John Wick films) and Jason Spitz (producer of the upcoming video game adaptation Ghost of Tsushima) from 87eleven’s. Interestingly, Stahleski and Perry got their start in the business together working on the iconic bloodsucking series of the late ’90s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Fans of the legendary series will remember Stahleski’s character, Kulak of Clan Miquot).


In Day shift, Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) is a working father. That he hopes he can make a good life for his resourceful daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax) and to stay despite his ex-wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good).

The film begins with a great action scene of just over 10 minutes that is a declaration of intent. When Bud, posing as a pool cleaner. He sneaks into a house armed with the intention of hunting down the vampires that inhabit it, and ripping out their fangs to make some money by selling them on the black market to a guy named Troy (Peter Stormare). The fangs are like jewels, they have more or less value depending on the age of the vampire and the species of vampire in question. All this without knowing that by ending the life of one of them, she has unleashed the fury of Audrey (Karla Souza), the most dangerous vampire in southern California, who will seek revenge against Bud and everything she loves.

It’s hard to be a hero

Bud’s activity as a vampire slayer is combined with that of being an estranged father. But things get complicated when Jocelyn threatens to sell her former family home and move with their daughter to Florida due to financial complications, they need to raise $10,000 in seven days. Bud will be forced to make a quick buck if he doesn’t want his ex-wife and his daughter to move out.

So he needs to be reincorporated into the vampire hunter union, from where he was expelled after having repeatedly violated its strict rules, since he knows that being there he can earn much more money, so he asks his vampire hunter friend for help, Big John (Snoop Dogg). Union boss Seeger (Eric Lange) reluctantly agrees to take Bud back, but on the condition that he be accompanied by a union representative, Seth (Dave Franco).

80s-scented cinema

The film marks the directorial debut of JJ Perry, a specialist with a long career in action films and series who has followed the path of fellow professionals and films such as Chad Stahelski or David Leitch (John Wick), in fact he worked with Stahelski , as coordinator of specialists in John Wick: Another day to kill, Y John Wick: Blood Pact. He has also worked on Iron man, Falcon and the winter soldier, and a long etc. of blockbuster movies since the late 1980s. Experience that he has embodied in the fight scenes in the film. With stunts and complex choreography in the action scenes.

Day shiftfeatures all the familiar tropes of the vampire genre, but with a 90s movie flavor, like Hidden Youth, Night of Fear, and even Open Until Dawn. With a Jaimie Foxx in his line to movies like power project also from Netflix or Vengeance Night. Playing the typical tough guy who, due to his work, has seen how his family has fallen apart. The comic counterpoint is given by Dave Franco (Now you see me), playing Seth, a character with whom Bud is forced to form a strange couple of hunters, of vampires. Turning the tape into a kind of training day but with Vampires in between. Unforgettable also the character that Snoop Dog plays, he is simply epic. Pay attention to the cameo of Scott Adkins that he is not wasted either.

As for the villain played by Karla Souza, and who we have been able to see in theaters this weekend in the Spanish film I’m going to have a good timeit’s very nice.

Cons that are not so much if you dedicate yourself to enjoying the show

The story of Day shift, doesn’t delve too deeply into the villainess’s backstory, criminal activities, or plans to conquer the Southern California valley. But we are discovering enough brushstrokes to get to know her thanks to the pieces that Bud and Seth find. But it is true that history sometimes goes at full speed. Because neither do they explain anything to us about that black market for Vampire fangs, or when and how the Vampire Hunters Union was created, although looking at pictures inside their offices we can see one of Abraham Lincoln, I guess a nod to the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter from 2012 Is this a sequel to that movie but set in the present day? I hope there will be a sequel and they tell us more details about all this.

Definitely, Day shiftis a very enjoyable movie, a bit of a beast, with a good dose of humor and if you are a lover of 80’s action movies and you also like old-style vampire movies, nothing like Twilight, this is the movie that you can’t miss.

Critical to Day Shift. Action and vampires in the summer movie on Netflix