CutreCon brings the worst superhero movies in cinema

They have superpowers, they dress in brightly colored suits, they wear capes and masks, and you’d rather get robbed in a dark alley in the middle of the night than be rescued by such a group of useless people. And it is that the superheroes that arrive at CutreCon, Cutre International Film Festival of Madridwhose twelfth edition runs from January 25 to 29, are as clumsy, pathetic and embarrassing as they are extremely funny.

For five days, these ineffable vigilantes will show what they are capable of throughout a varied program of 22 titles, in both free and paid sessions spread over three venues: the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madridthe emblematic mk2 Cinema Peaceand the mk2 Palacio de Hielo (C/ de Silvano, 77).

“Over the last decade, superhero movies have invaded the billboards to such an extent that they are already a genre unto themselves” explains Carlos Palencia, director of CutreCon. “In this edition we want to show the underworld that exists within this genre, where if you dig a little, authentic seedy jewels made with four euros come out and, of course, they did not enjoy the favor of the public or break box office records, but rather , in most cases, were forgotten or are directly unknown. It is time to vindicate these insane films as they deserve.

In addition to the aforementioned superheroes, the CutreCon 12 programming is complemented by titles from other genres, which in this edition recovers the traditional Saturday morning children’s session after the pandemic. In addition, after last year’s success, the Official Selection returns, in which the public, with their votes, will award the Prize for the funniest film of those submitted to the competition.

Wednesday 25

The first day of CutreCon 12 begins at 5:00 p.m. at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University with the ill-fated ‘El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grail’ (2011), an adaptation of the popular comic created by Víctor Mora and Miguel Ambrosio (Ambrós) in the 50s. A chaotic production that led to a hellish shoot in which its director, Antonio Hernández —In the city without limits, Lisbon— had to deal with innumerable problems to get the film off the ground; among others, the change of technicians and director of photography almost daily.

Curiously, it so happened that the director Juan Piquer Simón —Slugs, La grieta—, responsible for the film chosen for the opening session of CutreCon 12, flirted for years with the adaptation of Captain Thunder, which he was finally unable to carry out. . However, he bequeathed us ‘Supersonic Man’ (1978), a cheap copy of Richard Donner’s mythical Superman shot in a hurry to take advantage of the vein of this, which will be screened at 9:30 p.m. in the central mk2 Cine Paz .

Thursday 26

The Faculty of Information Sciences of the UCM hosts the bulk of the day with up to three sessions, all of them with free admission until full capacity is reached. Certainly, ‘Superman IV: In Search of Peace’ (1987), starting at 12:00 p.m., does not deserve a single penny from the viewers, who without a doubt would have demanded a refund after seeing such a misdeed And it is that this fourth installment of the adventures of the man of steel starring Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman is a by-product of series B that degraded the franchise in such a way that Superman did not return to the screens until almost two decades later.

At 1:30 p.m. we went from a DC comic myth to a Marvel myth with ‘Iron Man against the vampires’ (2022). Despite the prolific and increasingly convoluted nature of what is known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we confirm that it is not that Robert Downey Jr. has reincarnated Tony Stark and we have not found out, but that it is an apocryphal tape arrival from China thanks to Trash-O-Rama Distribution. Absolute nonsense in which Iron Man allies with exorcists and Taoist masters to combat a lineage of vampires from Transylvania that is wreaking havoc in the Asian country.

At 5:00 p.m., CutreCon 12 says goodbye to the Faculty of Information Sciences in a big way with ‘Tuno negro’ (2001), a film that drinks directly from the Scream saga created by Wes Craven at the end of the decade of the 90 and that made a strong resurgence of the slasher genre, which burst into Spain with force with titles of this genre that sought the complicity of the adolescent public and whose only claim was pure entertainment.

The day ends at the mk2 Cine Paz at 9:00 p.m. with a very special double session made up of two classics by the irreverent production company Troma: ‘El vengador toxico’ (1984) and ‘Tromeo y Julieta’ (1996). The first is an absolute hooliganism that will cause cheers and applause in the stalls every time good old Marvin, turned into the toxic Avenger after falling into a radioactive waste container, ends up in a particularly gruesome and creative way with one of the criminals who cross his path. The second already says it all with its title alone, a completely free and ultraviolent version of the literary classic transferred to the 90s in which two young people will fight for their love, leaving a few corpses along the way.

Friday the 27th

The Official Section of CutreCon returns once again after the success of last year, this time with two titles in contention that will compete for the Audience Award for the funniest film. It will be a double session at the mk2 Cine Paz that will begin at 12:00 noon with ‘Delirio profundo’, the first feature film by director Marta Montes, a very crazy story in which a ring with an eye that moves at will and endowed with supernatural powers, it irremediably marks all its bearers.

Immediately after comes the other film in competition, whose title gives exactly what it promises: ‘Alien Housewife vs. Gay Zombie’. Indeed, a housewife resurrected by an alien will face without mercy an unhappily married gay man who is possessed by a demon that transforms him into a zombie, while a couple of policemen will try to stop them.

At 9:30 p.m. one of the star sessions of this twelfth edition of CutreCon arrives, ‘Batman: The Movie’, the first feature film about the batman released back in 1966. It is the big screen version of the series from same year starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin respectively, which marked several generations with its tacky aesthetics and superimposed onomatopoeia on screen during action scenes.

Saturday 28

The big day of CutreCon begins as before the pandemic with the traditional morning children’s session; a double bill selected by Cacaman himself, the festival’s entertainer, and responsible for creating not a few childhood traumas due to the quality of the films he screens. Starting at 11:00 am, the daring spectators who come to the mk2 Palacio de Hielo will be delighted with ‘The Legend of Hercules’ (1997), a German film about the Greek myth that is already on Olympus among the worst animated films of all the times.

Immediately after, a Mexican superhero arrives that will leave no one indifferent known as ‘Magico, the envoy of the gods’ (1990). Of course, his name could not be more accurate, because what we will see before our eyes will be pure magic.

Ninja Turtles and Transformers together in the same film? Of course it’s possible if you go through the copyright through the lining, which is what this South Korean film titled, of course, ‘Ninja Turtles vs. Transformers’ (1989) does, because why hide that this is more pirate than a convention manteros. The film, which begins at 1:30 p.m., tells how a group of deformed turtles from the planet Battlestar confront a sinister character who wants to dominate the universe called Shark.

After regaining strength, at 4:30 p.m. the feline session arrives, a double bill that begins with ‘El hombre puma’ (1980), a superhero engendered by aliens who gave him incredible puma powers such as flying, seeing through walls or become incorporeal…

At least ‘The Lion Man’ (1975), does live up to its name since it was raised by lions and is dedicated to scratching with its powerful claws that leave paint marks on its enemies. This Turkish film, which will be remastered in 4K Ultra HD, stars the star Cüneyt Arkin, known for the Turkish Star Wars.

At 8:00 p.m. it’s time to meet again and, why not, claim more than three decades later, a film whose resounding failure left George Lucas himself trembling. And it is that ‘Howard, a new hero’ (1986), produced by Lucasfilm, which at that time was making blockbusters like who is going to buy bread, not only did not meet expectations, but it crashed in such a way taking into account the budget for the film, which should still give the author of ‘Star Wars’ nightmares.

The intense day on Saturday closes at 10:30 p.m. with what is possibly the session that will go down in the history of the festival due to the fits of laughter it will cause in the stalls. We are not exaggerating: ‘The Incredible Bulk’ (2012) is the quintessence of crappy cinema, a cinematographic disaster that questions all logic and that we can describe as a true miracle, because the planets aligned so that everything turned out as it had to turn out, that is, the worst possible.

Sunday January 29

The last day of CutreCon begins at 12:00 at mk2 Palacio de Hielo with a new installment of the Kaijutón format, an unclassifiable and crazy marathon that, after the overwhelming success of the last edition, returns this year with the tokusatsu superheroes, Ultraman style , as a common thread. Kaijutón Ni: Tokutón is a hilarious compilation of Japanese audiovisual bizarreness that includes Z series short films such as Maboroshi Panty V from the production company Giga, as well as episodes of unknown television series, trailers, spots, video clips and various surprises.

At 4:30 p.m. this twelfth edition of CutreCon says goodbye in style with what the organization defines as the “most empowering marathon”, the Superwomanathon, four films that are a good sample of the worst cinema starring superheroines. The titles that make up the program, which will last until 11:30 p.m. are:

‘Kekko Kamen’ (1991), adaptation of the depraved manga of the same name by the author of Mazinger Z, where a warrior is distributing justice naked but, yes, with her face well covered.

Not far behind is Lady Street Fighter (1980), an ode to cinematic incompetence packed with action and martial arts devoid of any sense of storytelling.

Very different is ‘They call me Macho Woman’ (1989), directed by Patrick G. Donahue, author of the great ‘Kill Squad’ and Jess Franco Award 2021. Macho Woman is a woman of arms to take. A comedy full of extreme violence and black humor from the Troma factory, which is a title to claim and which will draw the applause of the spectators.

Finally, ‘Lady Avengers’ (2022) whose poster even copies the typography of ‘The Avengers’ by Marvel Studios, brings together Wonder Woman, Sailor Fresh, Kekko Kamen and Iron Girl among others; in this new disaster from the Japanese production company Giga. With the help of the infinity stone, this group of brave superheroines will face all kinds of villains —including a predator— who have come together to create an empire of evil and, in a display of originality, dominate the universe.

CutreCon brings the worst superhero movies in cinema