Dampyr: Luke Roberts and Stuart Martin reveal why the film is phenomenal [VIDEO]

We met live the cast of the film that officially projects the Bonelli publishing house in the world of film production with their heads held high.

On the occasion of the presentation of Dampyrin cinemas from 28 October 2022, we interviewed Stuart Martin and Luke Roberts.

It rarely happens that a film has such high expectations from audiences of an entire nation. Not so much for the success of the film itself but above all for its hypothetical sea of ​​possibilities that can be created in the future if the response of the public, critics and Italy itself is positive and full of enthusiasm; something that has been happening to our great pleasure since DAMPYR was released in theaters.

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Premiered at Lucca Comics 2022, enthusiasm for the film has spread, like an oil stain in a basin full of water, and confirmed that Dampyr it is an excellent start for Bonelli Entertainment and that, both for the continuation of the film and for future productions, there are excellent chances of success at national and international level.

We at Cinematographe.it had the opportunity to meet some of the international cast and to interview them asking for a few but essential concepts, which seemed to us the most direct and immediate to ask from actors who play characters who, on paper, have been moving for over 20 years. thousands and thousands of readers of all ages who follow the adventures of this “hero of necessity” who lives exciting adventures ready to go to the big screen.

The artistic staff of Dampyr it turns out, during the interview, made up of easy-going people, who enjoyed creating something special. The cast is therefore a set of nice and gritty people who characterize a production that wants to make the whole world understand that, even without having stratospheric budgets, something can be said and done. And Italy has always been a point of reference on the world scene in this regard.

The video interview with Luke Roberts and Stuart Martin, respectively Draka, the Master of the night and father of Harlan Draka (our Dampyr) and Emi Kutjak (Dampyr’s companion in adventures)

Below is the transcript of the interview.

In addition to the script of the film, did you read the comics to get inspiration from the characters?

LUKE ROBERTS: “Yeah, we’ve read the comics… or at least I think, maybe I shouldn’t have spoken first. After the auditions I started looking for information on comics, I didn’t know Dampyr before the auditions but … “
STUART MARTIN: “We were incredibly lucky to have this fabulous source material, phenomenal story, phenomenal artwork, it doesn’t happen often in our work, unless you’re playing Spider-Man or Cinderella. Having the ability to already have a visual character in front of you as an impersonal was extraordinary. Fortunately, we did not suffer the pressure of not having known the character from an early age, to bring him to the stage. “

From Morbius, Dracula to Blade to Twilight, how do you live in a vampire-infested world?

LUKE ROBERTS: “I had no problems, I am a vampire in real life. True, this is really a question for you (referring to the colleague) “
STUART MARTIN: “Yes, I think I’m one of the few humans in the film. I love the real world of this work, the fact that it is set in a reality, that it gives a sense of reality that there is Kurjaak, who is a human character, who has to fight against these vampires, is extraordinary, I think it is very useful for the audience, we see the journey of the characters, what they fight against. “
LUKE ROBERTS: “These are extreme circumstances, as you say, your character is forced into a reality and you have to adapt, a new reality, it’s really fun, something Tarantino style, that makes you move from one dimension to another, that transports you in a full fantasy, I think it’s a winning ingredient of the comics and a winning ingredient of the film. “

You are the pioneers of an important film project for Bonelli and for Italy. Bonelli has many atmospheres and many worlds in his comics such as West, futures, adventure, horror… which world would you like to live in?

LUKE ROBERTS: “If I had to choose another dimension, I would definitely choose the western.”
STUART MARTIN: “If I were to imagine Kurjaak in the future, I would imagine him in a futuristic world, it would be very interesting.”

Dampyr: Luke Roberts and Stuart Martin reveal why the film is phenomenal [VIDEO]