Day Shift: three reasons to see the Netflix vampire film with Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx hunts down Californian vampires in ‘Day Shift’. A Netflix blockbuster which, although it will probably not be a landmark, deserves a look if only for its relaxed atmosphere, a few nice squirts of blood and its actors, who take malicious pleasure in not getting caught seriously.

Day-Shift : Jamie Foxx hunts vampires

In Day-Shiftthe first feature film by the stunt coordinator JJ Perry (Gemini Man, Fast & Furious 9), Jamie Foxx lends his features to Bud Jablonski. At first glance, Bud is a house-to-house pool cleaner in the San Fernando Valley. In reality, Bud is a broke vampire hunter who has been trying to rip off as many canines as possible to resell them on the black market since he was fired from his union for numerous misdemeanors.

Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) – Day-Shift ©netflix

With the help of his old friend Big John (Snoop Dogg), he will try to rejoin the hunter organization to pocket a real salary, which will help him pay the expenses for his daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax). To monitor him, the union sticks him with the presence of a young accountant (Dave Franco) on the back. To make matters worse, California vampire queen Audrey San Fernando (Karla Souza) is on his heels to get revenge for the death of his daughter.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Peter Stormare, Steve Howey and Scott Adkins complete the distribution of Day Shift. A film straddling Bright (in its worst moments and useless antagonists), John Wick (in the parallel organization it presents) and Blade.

Three reasons to see the feature film

  • A duo that works: as soon as Bud finds himself with newbie Seth, Day-Shift takes the form ofa buddy movie classic but effective, which owes a lot to the complicity between Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco. Without revolutionizing anything, their tandem offers several jokes that work, as well as repetitive situations like Seth’s inability to hold back against vampires.

  • The Nazarian Brothers: apart from a hilarious chase, the best scene in the film is probably the one where Bud and Seth land in a nest of bloodsuckers, that is to say a seemingly normal dwelling but where dozens of creatures hide in the walls. During this confrontation, the two characters team up with the Nazarian brothers, two renowned hunters who share absolutely everything – including their chewing gum – embodied by Steve Howey and fighter Scott Adkins. The opportunity for the latter to have a field day for a few minutes, offering Day-Shift his most inventive and enjoyable executions. A sequence that would almost make you want to discover a spin-off on these two delirious brothers.
Day-Shift ©Netflix
  • Snoop Dogg: the feature film is sprinkled with emblematic West Coast rap titles, including the interpreter of Gin and Juice is obviously one of the greatest representatives. As the laid-back cowboy Big John, Snoop Dogg contributes to the film’s cool vibe, but his early scenes sadly suggest he’s only there to say hello. Until his reappearance in the last act with a sulphate

Unpretentious entertainment that keeps its promises, Day-Shift can be found on Netflix.

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