Doctor Quinn, female doctor: what do the actors of the series look like today?

Cult series of the 90s, Doctor Quinn, female doctor has propelled many comedians to the pinnacle of glory. Twenty-four years after the broadcast of its last episode, the editorial staff of Serieously invites you to discover Jane Seymour, Joe Lando or even Chad Allen today.

Jane Seymour (Michaela Quinn aka Doctor Quinn, female doctor)

© CBS/Instagram Jane Seymour

We obviously start with Jane Seymour alias Doctor Quinn. The actress, who was first revealed to the general public in 1973 thanks to her role as James Bond Girl in the film Live and Let Diebecame a planetary star with Doctor Quinn, female doctor. If this remains to this day her biggest role, Jane Seymour then played small roles in series like Smallville and How I Met Your Mother. She has also appeared in films Love, marriage and little hassles, free dance and My grandfather and me.

Joe Lando (Byron Sully)

joe lando jane seymour before after

© CBS/Instagram Jane Seymour

Joe Lando portrayed Byron Sully throughout all 6 seasons of Doctor Quinn, female doctor, a role that propelled him to the pinnacle of fame. Moreover, the actor went so far as to eat earthworms to embody this character! Once the series ended, we could see it in summerland, Wildfire or Love glory and beauty. He recently posed alongside his former co-star Jane Seymour on social media.

Chad AllenMatthew Cooper

chad allen doctor quinn female doctor before after

© CBS/Instagram Chad Allen

Chad Allen lent his features to Matthew Cooper in Doctor Quinn, female doctor. So 19 years old when the series starts, he is present until the last episode. Subsequently, Chad Allen starred in several series and films before ending his acting career in April 2015. He now works as a psychologist.

Shawn Toovey (Brian Cooper in Doctor Quinn, female doctor)

shawn toovey doctor quinn female doctor before after

© CBS/Instagram Jane Seymour

Shawn Toovey was just a kid when he started playing Brian Cooper, the adopted son of Michaela and Byron, in Doctor Quinn, female doctor in 1993. The actor truly grew up in front of television cameras. Shawn Toovey reportedly quit his acting career after Doctor Quinn because he no longer had a role on the small or the big screen. He is also almost impossible to find on social networks, despite this photo alongside his co-star Jane Seymour posted in 2016 on the actress’ Instagram account.

William Shockley (Hank Lawson)

william shockley before after

William Shockley is, still today, best known for his role as Hank Lawson in the series Doctor Quinn, female doctor. His character even got his own spin-off, titled California, but it never saw the light of day. Once Doctor Quinn ended, William Shockley has acted in several films and series. He is also a musician.

Frank Collison (Horace Bing)

frank collison doctor quinn twin peaks


Frank Collison lent his features to Horace Bing, the Colorado Springs telegrapher, in Doctor Quinn, female doctor. A role he held for 121 episodes – out of the 149 in the series – and which remains, to this day, the most significant of his career. Frank Collison nevertheless has a nice filmography to his credit since he appeared in monks, Criminal minds, American Horror Story and the revival of Twin Peaks.

Geoffrey Lower (Reverend Timothy Johnson)

geoffrey lower doctor quinn before after

© CBS/Instagram Geoffrey Lower

Geoffrey Lower was Reverend Timothy Johnson in Doctor Quinn, female doctor. Subsequently, he notably played Alan, Monica’s boyfriend in episode 3 of season 1 of Friends. Geoffrey Lower also made appearances in JAG and NCIS. After an absence of almost 15 years on the screens, he plays in the film Disrupted in 2020.

Henry G. Sanders (Robert E. in Doctor Quinn, female doctor)

henry g sanders doctor quinn before after

© CBS/Instagram Henry G Sanders

Henry G. Sanders played Robert E. for no less than 110 episodes of Doctor Quinn, female doctor. After that, the actor made numerous appearances in series (Sliders: Parallel Worlds, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story). His other major television role is that of Prosper Denton in Queen Sugar. On the film side, Henry G. Sanders notably starred in Rocky Balboa, Selma and The Roman J Affair.

Doctor Quinn, female doctor: what do the actors of the series look like today?