Don’t be afraid: “Vlad Dracula”, the musical, arrives in Salerno

Do not be afraid. It’s a musical. We are talking about “Vlad Dracula”, the 2023 event staged at the Augusteo Theater in Salerno from 20 to 22 January (Friday and Saturday at 21, Sunday at 18). The only date in Campania, it is a story where love escapes the meshes of time to challenge eternity. An original text, entrusted to the care of Ario Avecone and Manuela Scotto Pagliara, accompanied by unpublished music and songs written by Simone Martino, Avecone and Pagliara. In the cast of actors Giorgio Adamo from Salerno stands out in the role of Dracula.
Who does not know the evil vampire born from the pen of Bram Stoker in 1897? Undisputed protagonist of English literature of the late nineteenth century, inspired by the historical figure of the Prince of Wallachia Vlad III and endowed with great charm, Dracula not only represents the vampire par excellence but is also one of the greatest incarnations of evil: he attracts and terrifies, seduces and kills . Protagonist of an endless series of theatrical and cinematographic adaptations and inexhaustible source of further literary works that have made him famous and immortal all over the world, just like his character, arrives in a musical version thanks to the intuition of Ario Avecone.
“Vlad Dracula” was born from the will of Ario Avecone (“Murder Ballad”, “Amalfi 839AD”, “Rebellion”, “That’s Amore!”), director and author of the libretto and part of the music, to want to innovate the iconic story of Bram Stoker and wanting to offer him a new perspective. The director, who has always been attentive to researching new forms of theatrical language, makes use of the collaboration of Maestro Simone Martino (“Roma Opera Musical”, “Beatrice Cenci”, “Christmas Carol”, “St. Michael the Angel of the Apocalypse ”, “La Sirenetta”) author of part of the original songs and by Manuela Scotto Pagliara for the literary part and some original songs. The Hollywood-style soundtrack gives a nod to great film music compositions. The original songs elegantly cross many musical genres, from pop to rock, to modern ballads, without ever getting lost in useless virtuosity and letting them, together with the music, always be functional to the story.
The staging curated by Michele Lubrano Lavadera and Ario Avecone and the use of lights by Alessandro Caso are in a post-industrial style and evoke on the one hand the myths of filmography, such as Mad Max, on the other more recent films such as Lo Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes or Crimson Peak. The attention to the clothes and details, designed by Myriam Somma, are the result of a personal and innovative research, based on the Victorian era but contaminated with advanced technological fabrics and materials. The work is set in a late 19th century steampunk world, at the dawn of modern industrial development and the exploitation of new energy resources. At the exact moment in which a dangerous countdown that leads up to the present day began for man. The show also wants to be a way to sensitize viewers, making them aware that the time available is less and less. In this race against time, even an immortal character like Dracula becomes vulnerable and finds himself sharing a problem with mankind for the first time. The whole show is a journey beyond space and time into the dualism of the human soul: good and evil, life and death, science and mystery. In a story where love, passion and music convey the emotions of the spectators. But who is Dracula really? Who represents good and who evil? Are we really sure of our certainties?


Among the protagonists on stage, Giorgio Adamo: he was born in Salerno on March 12, 1985. After a stint as a rock frontman, he obtained important roles in the world of musical theater. Recent work includes his collaboration with Perparrow Entertainment and the Sistina Theater as Simone Zealotas and Judas in the Jesus Christ Superstar European Tour with the great Ted Neeley. He later gets the role of Galileo in We Will Rock
You by Queen with Pop Star Anastacia. In 2020 he published the book “Un Banco di Pesci” with Nep Edizioni and at the same time dedicated himself to writing his first solo album. Now, he’s our Vlad Dracula.


From 20 to 22 January 2023

Piazza Giovanni Amendola, 84121 Salerno
Tel 089.223934

Show times
Friday and Saturday at 21.00
Sunday 18.00

Ticket prices
First Sector 41.80
Second Sector 33.00
Gallery 25.30

For information and ticket purchase

FB: WorkinMusical
Instagram: vlad_dracula_musical
Tel: +39 389 993 7197

Don’t be afraid: “Vlad Dracula”, the musical, arrives in Salerno