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Eat local – Dinner with vampires: film with great potential, but little exploited

Eat local – Dinner with vampires is “a vampire horror with British humor, the potential is there but it is only partially exploited“. Rudy Savagnini rejects the film on MyMovies with two stars out of the five made available by the portal, adding: “The film is limited to some agreeableness and a many situations taken for granted, proceeding rather wearily at a slow pace punctuated here and there by some rare good joke or relatively interesting developments. The final gag with using vampire protein is the one that works best“.

The film works although it is undeniable that there are some moments a little slower and who pass in a staid manner. Certainly the film is well directed and the actors were good at getting into their roles. Eat local for dinner with vampires airs in the late evening on Rai 2. We will be able to follow it in live streaming on RaiPlay, click here to do it (Agg. Ruben Scalambra).

Eat local – Dinner with vampires: the background on the title and the direction of the film

Eat local – Dinner with vampires it’s the first time that Jason Flemyng he does not act but directs a film. The critics have not been very lenient with the new director, the reviews in fact often refer to lack of ideas and the lack of ability to handle the horror and action genre of the film. In several places the rookie director has used “the Wilhelm scream”, the sound effect that reproduces the typical scream of someone who is about to be killed or about to fall. Screenwriter Danny King wrote the film’s plot previously under a different title, “Reign Of Blood“.

The work was to be directed by the director Dexter Fletcher who instead preferred the direction of the film Wild Bill. Not having found other directors available Jason Flemyng decided to be the director of the film. In the cast of the film we also find Mackenzie Crook born in 1971 who in addition to the actor has been an illustrator in his career. His debut comes in 1996 when he works in The Man Who Fell in Love with a Traffic Cone by Andrew Hindle (Agg. Ruben Scalambra).

Eat Local A dinner with the vampires, Rai 2 film directed by Jason Flemyng

Eat Local Dinner with vampires is the title of the film that will go on air in the late evening on Rai 2 today, 24 August 2022, starting at 11.20 pm. It is a horror-action film work made in 2017 directed by Jason Flemyng.

Among the leading actors are Freema Agyeman, Roman Clark, Billy Cook and Adrian Bower. British actress Freema Agyeman achieved notoriety for having worked on several successful television series including Doctor Who, Law & Order: UK, Sense8. She is currently working on the set of New Amsterdam, which has been in production since 2018.

Eat Local A dinner with the vampires, the plot of the film

We read the plot from Eat Local Dinner with vampires. The vampires of Great Britain have a habit of reuniting fifty years later. They meet in a secluded farmhouse to take stock of the situation, discuss the control of the territories, the issues still to be resolved and decide on the measures to be taken to secure food supplies. This time the vampires must decide whether or not to accept a new affiliate among themselves.

This is Sebastian Crockett (Billy Cook), a young man who arrived at the farm because he was attracted by the beautiful and seductive Vanessa. To admit the young man into the coven you need a unanimous vote which is not reached so Sebastian is condemned to die to prevent him from telling what he saw.

The vampires, however, are unaware that Bingham (Robert Portal), the commander of the special military forces, specialized precisely to capture and kill vampires, has learned of their fifty-year reunion despite their acting in secret. Unfortunately the commander underestimated the danger of military action, now he finds himself facing the vampire sect with a small number of soldiers. At this point, preserving the life of his men and of Sebastian himself is almost an undertaking, all that remains is to hope to survive the night alive and wait for the dawn.


Eat local – Dinner with vampires / Film criticized: “Many situations for granted”