Electric vampires at home? Identify which appliances consume energy even if they are turned off

We should not only fear bloodsucking vampires from horror movies, but also those electric vampires that consume energy 24 hours a day even if they are turned off. Yes in your home there are plasma televisions, computers, microwaves, among others electronic devicesthen this interests you. In the last three decades, electronic devices at home have tripled, this means that people consume more and more of these devices and therefore, we must pay more attention to the energy they require to fulfill their functions.

Knowing the correct way to deactivate them will not only be positively reflected in the electricity bill, but will also contribute to caring for the environment, since carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced.

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The reason that these devices consume electricity even when they are turned off is due to the famous “stand by”, a mechanism that works so that the appliances turn on quickly or fulfill their function when the command is activated. There is also the case of devices that include clocks, lights and digital panels, which cause them to be constantly active and waste electricity.

Although users benefit from the “stand by” mode of the devices we use regularly, the reality is that this type of action triggers an energy waste that ultimately harms our portfolio and the environment.

Appliances that consume more electricity

It is estimated that depending on the number of devices connected, the bill can increase between five percent and 20 percent. The electric vampires that attract the most attention due to the energy they consume are the 50-inch plasma televisions, whose consumption is 822 kilowatts per hour, and the 50-inch LCD televisions that consume 350 kilowatts per hour.

The five electrical vampires that consume the most energy in a house are computers, televisions, audio equipment, decoders for the Cable signal and devices with built-in clocks such as microwaves.

How to identify them?

  • It has a digital screen.
  • Use remote.
  • It has an external power supply unit.
  • The cable gets hot near the plug even when the power is off.

How to fight electric vampires?

  • When you leave home, unplug all appliances.
  • Use multicontacts to disconnect the artifacts at the same time. It also protects your devices from an increase in voltage.
  • Do not connect one multicontact to another.
  • Unplug your cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc., once they have a 100 percent charge.
  • If you are not using the electronic device, disconnect it.

There is a popular myth that plugging in and unplugging appliances can cause them to break down, this is false.

If your electricity bill continues to rise despite following these tips, it is very likely that it is a power leak and you should call an electrician.

Electric vampires at home? Identify which appliances consume energy even if they are turned off