Elina Löwensohn, Honorary Award at the Xixón International Film Festival

The Romanian filmmaker Elina Lowensohn, Honor Award of the Xixón International Film Festivalhas claimed this Saturday her status as a theater actress who adapts to the requirements of cinema as if it were “fertile ground” for directors.

In a meeting with the public at the 60th edition of the Gijón Festival, which screens eleven films in which he has acted, Löwensohn has said that he could never direct a feature film because he is unable to bear “the enormous emotional burden that filmmakers bear. cinema”.

Protagonist of the first films of Halt Hartleyconsidered the “muse of independent cinema” in the United States in the 1990s, the actress has said that she lived through that early stage of her career “without realizing” that she was starring in an important, almost revolutionary, phenomenon in the cinematic history.

Recognized as the Festival’s Honor Award for “being a fundamental figure” of the “Indie” movement, Lówensohn was accompanied by the French director Bertand Mandicowhom he considers to be the person who opened the door to “true French cinema”.

Elina Löwensohn and Bertrand Mandico in Xixón. Photo: David Aguilar Sánchez

The actress and director of short films has attributed her beginnings in the cinema to “chance” at the hands of director Hal Hartley, who discovered her as a waitress in a bar in New York, where the American filmmaker went for breakfast every morning.

Löwensohn played roles in Hartley’s now cult films such as the short Theory of Achievement (1991) and the features Simple Men (1992), Amateur (1994), and Flirt (1995).

But the greatest success of that first stage was achieved with the leading role of Najaa New York vampire movie directed by Michael Almereydawith David Lynch as a producer and actor, for which he won the Best Actress Award at the Film Independent Awards.

The actress has recognized that this was a turning point in her career because from that moment on she began to alternate auteur films with television shows and major Hollywood productions such as Schindler’s List (1993) from steven spielberg.

A moment from “Simple Men” (1992) by Halt Hartley, one of his first films

“I knew at that moment that my acting career was launched and that there was no turning back, that I was not going to work as a waitress or anything else, and I began to think about making films in Europe,” she said.

She recalled that in France she was received as the “actress who came from the United States” and despite the fact that she is Romanian, people believed that she was American, probably because of her “good pronunciation” of English.

In Europe he has worked in shadowof philip grandrieux; The wisdom of crocodilesof Po Chih Leong; long wedding sundayof Jean-Pierre Jeunet; of the warof Bertrand Bonello; lourdesof Jessica Hausner and Black Venusof Abdellatif Kechichand, among others.

Löwensohn has stated that when he arrived in Europe he believed that French cinema was different from the others, but then he understood that it is almost the same everywhere, that it has almost the same codes and needs.

He added that “true French cinema” met him through Bertrand Mandicoan experimental filmmaker, who has a peculiar way of making his works that often incorporate photographs and written texts.

It was also Mandico who aroused Löwensohn’s interest in filmmaking, by giving him a 16-millimeter camera with which he began to shoot sequences as if it were “child’s play”.

Elina Löwensohn, Honorary Award at the Xixón International Film Festival