Endless Night (Netflix): who are the actors in this new Franco

There are many new releases for the month of August on Netflix! If you have not found a fantastic series at the level after Destiny: The Winx Saga, which will return soon for a season 2, or since Stranger Things, this new fiction should hold your full attention. This Wednesday, August 3, the streaming platform is adding to its catalog Endless Nighta series composed of six episodes of about thirty minutes directed by David Perrault (Our heroes died tonight). Before the arrival of the long-awaited Sandman, Endless Night also invites its spectators to travel to the confines of dreams. Passionate about what they teach us, the director has always had a special relationship with dreams. This is the reason why the series offers an exhilarating, moving, sometimes distressing emotional Roller Coaster, where we constantly go from dreams to reality to follow characters who look like us. Before revealing which actors lend their features to the heroes, here are more details on the plot ofEndless Night.

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Endless Night : a teenage fantasy thriller on Netflix

The series is a fantasy thriller at the heart of adolescent torments, between fantasies and reality. The synopsis ofEndless Night is the next : “In a small, uneventful suburb, 16-year-old Eva starts hanging out with a group of teenagers who like to indulge in ‘shoot’ sessions with icelotropin. This drug stolen from a clinic specializing in sleep disorders, allows them to visualize their dreams while remaining awake. It then becomes difficult to dissociate dream from reality, however, it could be that the band of friends is threatened by a common danger… They will surely wonder about a question that we have all already thought about: maybe you die in your dream without it having an impact in real life? Whether Endless Night turns the story around a very assumed fantastic veinthe series also responds to the codes of teen drama by telling the doubts of a generation in search of sensations, feelings of escape.

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Endless Night : where did you see the actors of the Netflix series?

The fantastic series, which surprised subscribers, is carried by young actors in full bloom, including Ayumi Roux (seen in Skam and Mental), Théo Augier, known for his role in myth, The Great or The school of life. They will give the reply to Hanane El Yousfi, an actress red bracelets, The school of life also or I promise you. China Thybaud (Tandem, Everything smiles at us) completes the cast, as does Salif Cisse (Mental, UFO(s), Passing Pecho). Leo Legrand, seen in A radiant sky by Nicolas Boukhrief is also part of the project, like Louïs Rault Watanabe, discovered in Mozart in the Jungle. All these actors form an endearing group, gone on an unnamed trip.

How Endless Night helped Ayumi Roux (Eva) reconnect with her dreams

Interviewed by Federation, the production company ofEndless Night, Ayumi Roux revealed how she had prepared for her role. As she revealed, the young woman had not dreamed for years, and yet, like all of us, she found it fascinating to understand the messages they were trying to deliver to us. So she started listening to a bunch of dream-based podcasts: “It helped me to bring them back to something more conscious and thus to dream a little more, unconsciously anyway.” Whether Endless Night arouses your curiosity, the first six episodes of the series are to be discovered from this Wednesday, August 3 on Netflix!

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Endless Night (Netflix): who are the actors in this new Franco-Belgian series?