Evil West Impressions

Today we will tell you in our Evil West impressions that the wild west mixed with dark fantasy is something that is not so bad.

I’m not going to hide my unconditional love that I profess to Flying Wild Hog, the parents of my beloved Shadow Warrior 3, a game that I scored a tremendous 9.4 without my hand shaking. The Poles are true craftsmen making action games, but it’s true that their crazy first-person shooter formula calls for a break. This is probably why they have decided to bet on a third-person action game cool as a cucumber, one that today we are going to disembowel thanks to our evil west printsbeing a title that I am sure will be talked about in a few months.

The toughest cowboy is not a cowboy, guilty

This test that we have been able to try is nonsense, it throws us into the same mouth of the wolf in a level where the combats and the puzzles are repeated one after another in order to advance. I suppose that the final game will be about the same thing: giving fire to the vampires and dark forces that come our way while we break our brains to understand what we have to do in order to continue advancing through scenarios that are more than an esplanade with coverage.

Something that made me laugh about this test was precisely that, verifying that exploring has its prize. Although the title sounds like it will be a fairly linear adventure, most of the shortcuts and areas outside the main section are well thought out and reward the most curious players. For example, in an area where I had to enable some wagons to access the next area, I was able to divert with another wagon to reach a loft where I got extra money and a document that gave me a glimpse of more details of that scenario.

On the other hand, combat is not just about emptying the magazine into the chest of any enemy that comes at us, rather the opposite. In fact, I think Evil West is one of the most tactical and resourceful Third Person Shooters I’ve tried, forcing us to be creative players and not abuse the same tricks over and over again.

With this build even Lucky Lucke would conquer the West

Continuing with what was preached, our cowboy protagonist is not only armed with a revolver and weapons typical of western movies. To face the forces of darkness, it is not enough to be a cowboy of three to a quarter, but to become a true North American Val Hensing. To do this we can pull our servo fist, one that I have been able to improve throughout this playable test to verify that his slaps can hit enemies against walls or even electrocute them.

He is accompanied by an electromagnetic shield, capable of protecting us from the claws of the fastest enemies, stunning the most daring and even performing electrical counters if we concatenate the defense times well. I follow? With our four-barreled shotgun we will turn into pulp any force of darkness that tries to get closer than a meter from our brave protagonist. All this arsenal is complemented by our revolver and winchester, which will be our best allies when it comes to long-distance combat. Of course, many of these gadgets work as abilities that we must activate and they will have their cooldown time.

Another point that I find interesting is how the challenge is raised in Evil West. In normal or high difficulties, it becomes an adventure where we won’t be able to relax, but rather a fast-paced wave of action where we will have to be in constant movement, since a bad hit from any enemy will reduce our health bar to worrying limits. Jessie Rentier, yes, that is how the vampire hunter we control is known, he has his resources to recover vitality, such as the possibility of injecting himself with a serum that will restore part of his energies, however, it is not something that we could use hand all the time, so it will be necessary to be agile and know how to dodge and defend ourselves at critical moments.

Evil West impressions – Van Helsing has had competition

The truth is that I had a great time playing the latest Flying Wild Hog to bring you these impressions of Evil West. The title shows affection, and his irreverent sense of acid humor, one that this company has accustomed us to, makes us love him unconditionally. I just hope that the final game starts a little more “relaxed” than this test, because it let us go too crazy to forcefully learn its details and its resources to survive in its massive battles.

I think that at least if you like third-person action games, you’ll be interested, but if you’re also a veteran who asks for a fresh experience from the genre, Evil West is a delicious candy, because its combat is a constant dance of dodges, use of gadgets, skills spamming and shootings where everything adds up to converge in a cocktail of fast-paced action like few others.

I look forward to the day of the official launch of Evil West, which is dated for November 22, 2022. If after reading these impressions you have been bitten, know that you will be able to get your hands on it on the following systems on the day that goes on sale: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC.

We have done this test on PC (Steam) and in terms of performance it has gone great.

Evil West Impressions – Cowboys vs. Vampires Full Throttle