FIFM 2022: Jim Jarmusch back in Morocco, “a land of inspiration and exchange”

Guest of the “In Conversation with…” program, as part of the 19th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), the great American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch said on Tuesday that he was delighted to return to this meeting to which he has already participated, and in Morocco, which is in his words a “land of inspiration and exchange”. “It’s magic to come back to the FIFM again, which I discovered for the first time in 2009”, welcomed the filmmaker known in particular for the films “Stranger Than Paradise” (1984), “Down by Law” ( 1986), “Dead Man” (1995) and “Ghost Dog: the way of the Samurai” (1999), when he met moviegoers at the 19th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival.

Expressing his unconditional love for the ocher city and Morocco, “a wonderful country and a warm people”, the American filmmaker underlined his strong attachment to the city of Tangier, where he shot “Only Lovers Left Alive” (2013 ). “Tangier inspired me a lot and gave me the opportunity to form intense relationships with magnificent people”, noted the director of this vampire film with Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, where the action is shared between two cities, Detroit in Michigan in the United States and Tangier.

In front of an attentive and admiring audience, Jarmusch, a filmmaker who has always refused to do like everyone else, shared his unique vision of cinema and creation. “I can’t define my cinema…I think of each scene as a movie in its own right without thinking about how the scenes are going to connect…like the beads in a necklace,” he explained. A true observer of small human interactions and drawing inspiration from the details of nature and life, Jarmusch, a perfect example of the American independent filmmaker, felt “a big part of my job is to have an antenna to pick up ideas, emotions, situations…”.

Refusing to define his cinematographic style, the filmmaker, who since the beginning of the 1980s has been building a work of great coherence, at once minimalist, personal, free and disenchanted, underlined that “there is a limited number of stories to tell, but there are an unlimited number of ways to tell them”, assuming itself “intuitive” and “anti-analytical”. “I’m a real detail freak: every piece of clothing, the color of the laces, the shape of the ashtray…every detail is very important, which drives people around me crazy,” he said.

The director who began his career with “Permanent Vacation” (1980) felt that producing a film is “too difficult” and “requires enormous energy” and “intense concentration”. Besides, he admitted his passion for disorientation. “I’m open to disorientation and reorganization… I love being in places where I’m disoriented and trying to get lost and see if I can find my way back,” he said, expressing his passion. for new adventures in new cities and cultures. In this sense, Jarmusch refused any categorization. “I don’t understand why we have to put categories instead of the infinite beauty of diversity…the most beautiful thing about life on earth is diversity,” she concluded.

Besides his cinematographic works, Jarmusch is an actor, author, musician and producer. His book Some Collages is published by Anthology Editions in 2021. In parallel, he continues his concerts and studio recordings with his group SQURL, lutenist Jozef Wissem and many other artists.

The “In Conversation with…” program also welcomes Indian actor Ranveer Singh, Franco-Italian actress Marina Foïs, French director Léos Carax, French actress and director Julie Delpy, French director Julia Ducournau, second director at receive the Palme d’Or in the history of the Cannes Film Festival.

Also in attendance will be Oscar-winning Franco-Lebanese composer Gabriel Yared, eminent British actor Jeremy Irons, two-time Oscar-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi and Swedish director Robin Östlund.

FIFM 2022: Jim Jarmusch back in Morocco, “a land of inspiration and exchange”