First Kill everything you need to know about the Netflix series

First Kill is a new Netflix series about vampires. A young adult from the pen of VE Schwab. Here’s what you should know.

Let’s find out all the information you should have before seeing First Kill, new Netflix TV series streaming from June 10th. At the base there is a story by VE Schwab, with the same title. A young adult that could become a resounding success.

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First Kill what to know

Vampire plus vampire hunter equals damned and eternal love. It’s not necessarily something new. Did someone say Buffy? Not only that, on Joss Whedon’s show we have the opportunity to witness both the relationship with Angel and the one with Spike (sorry for the spoiler but 19 years have passed since the last episode).

First Kill recovers this concept but puts it in a different way. At the center of the story are two girls, whose age has an enormous weight in the evolution of the story. They find themselves in a phase of growth and self-discovery. Their families push them to complete their own training. If one has to commit her first murder, placing herself on a victim of her choice. The second must be able to kill its first vampire.

It so happens that the creature of the night (which in this case also moves during the day) chooses the huntress as its victim. Pitted against each other, they will find themselves discovering an unexpected passion. So different yet so similar. They see their own dilemmas in their respective looks. However, they will have to deal with their respective families, as well as with lethal external threats. Did someone say Romeo and Juliet? It matters little. Originality doesn’t count, also because there are very few non-derivative stories around. The yield really matters and everything suggests a very intriguing project, capable of keeping alive a dormant but never forgotten genre, that of vampires.

First Kill: The Story of VE Schwab

If you would like to recover the original story of VE Schwab, know that the title is homonymous and is included in the collection Vampires never get old – Tales with fresh bite. It’s really an intro and nothing more. We get to read the internal dilemmas of Juliette and Calliope and, slowly, we approach the moment when passion explodes. At the same time however, while the two are very close, the thought of the duty to be performed is alive in the mind. If on the one hand the sharp teeth begin to make their pressure felt, on the other a sharp stake is positioned between the ribs. There will never be a fight, only an escape and a final confrontation. The bright looks of those who know they have been discovered and are preparing for battle. However, this will only happen in the TV series.

Inclusive cast

Vampire stories in cinema or television always see a large prevalence of white actors. It is quite difficult to propose something different. Just think of Twilight, where the alternatives to Caucasian actors are quite scarce, except for werewolves and little else. In First Kill the story changes completely, with an inclusive cast involving many African-American actors. Furthermore, considering how Schwab has often given space to the LGBTQ + world in her novels, it is not very surprising that the love story at the center of the story is between two girls.

First Kill everything you need to know about the Netflix series