First Kill on Netflix: what is this new vampire series?

“First Kill” is a new teen drama produced by Netflix. The series is about the fate of a young girl living in a family of vampires who falls in love with a vampire hunter.

The Immortality of Bloodthirsters

Vampires are creatures that fascinate and populate the world of cinema like series since many years. Sometimes frightening, almost always sexualized, these hemoglobin-hungry creatures make viewers tremble. However, when you release a project featuring them, the “make or break” logic often applies. If some have outright an overdose of vampiresmany creatives still try to put them in their own way – for better, and sometimes for worse.

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Recently, Netflix had tried the adventure in France through a series soberly baptized Vampires. Starring the talented Oulaya Amamra, the program had unfortunately failed to convince. Conversely, in 2020, Draculaa mini-series of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat – the creators of the excellent sherlock – had a small success! Today, it is in a completely different genre that arrives on the platform First Kill.

First Kill : What is it about ?

The plot of First Kill revolves around the character of Juliette, a perfectly normal teenager. Finally, that is quickly said. Juliette actually lives in a family of vampires – and has to to prove himself to earn his place among his own. The young girl soon faces an ordeal that would seem trying to ordinary mortals. Because one of the rites she must perform to truly be part of the clan is the murder. Juliette goes on the hunt and considers her options. It doesn’t take long for her to set her sights on a newcomer to town, the charming Calliope. It is decided, it is in the throat of the latter that she will plant her canines. But everything goes into a spin when Juliette realizes a detail of capital importance. Its prey comes from a long line of vampire hunters.

First Kill
First Kill ©Netflix

As you will have understood, Juliette and Calliope are therefore both destined for their first assassination, symbolizing a kind of coming of age. But another problem arises since the two girls are attracted to each other, giving birth to a complex love story.

First Kill is the adaptation of a short story by the American VE Schwab, published in a collection of short stories about long-toothed monsters. The author, well known in the United States, is also behind several series of novels, including Cassidy Blake.

First Kill : with whom ?

Imani Lewis lends her features to Calliope. For the record, the young actress has in the past illustrated herself in a feature film produced by Netflix, entitled Vampires in the Bronx. Facing her, Sarah Catherine Cook Camp Juliette. Always on the same horrifying note, we find the actress of the third part of the saga Conjuring ! Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Gracie Dzienny (All-American), Will Swenson (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Jason R. Moore (A Lonely Place for Dying), to name but a few, will also be there.

In the script, Felicia D.Henderson (Punisher, fringe). Jet Wilkinson (Warrior Nun) supervises the realization of part of the eight episodes of the program’s first season.

You can dive into this new teen drama horrific from June 10exclusively on netflix.

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