First Kill: What we suspected about the relationship of its protagonists outside the set

The vampire series that is sweeping Netflix and that is positioned as one of the best at the moment, First Kill, stars a couple of young people that the public already wants to see together off the screen, they confirmed if this is So.

The actresses of the vampire series First Killstarring Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewisis a resounding success, the chemistry between them in the story is the center of attraction and more if the fans imagine them being couple in real lifein an interview they revealed their status off the set.

This pair of young people must fight for their love facing the family in First Kill

With just one season of 8 episodesFirst Kill has captivated the audience telling the story of an impossible youthful love, between two girls who happen to have a reality similar to that of Romeo and Julietbut with monsters, vampires and those who want to hunt them to protect the town.

First Kill, the first death, is based on a story by victoria schwabalso known by her pen name VE Schwab, who is an American fantasy writer, where she posed a teenage vampire, named Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook), who lives in a small town where he will have to make his first kill when he comes of age; and when he happens to take an interest in another young woman named Calliope (Imani Lewis)turns out to be, to her misfortune, a vampire hunter.

Then begins a romantic drama with fangs and stakes in between. The families at odds for representing these two forces will clash on several occasions, complicating the situation for these young women who discovered that they felt attracted one to the other, with intense scenes of passion that add a plus to the series. Its premiere was June 10thY Netflix knows that with First Kill, it will once again sink its teeth into the followers of this type of series, as it did at the time with other productions that were very successful. In less than a week now has been ranked among the top 10 television shows, which could mean fans are asking for a second season.

The plot revolves around the forbidden relationship between Calliope and Juliette.

The reasons why this vampire series has been so successful is due to the action that exists in its chapters, chases, blood, teeth and kisses. What makes it more exciting is the strong chemistry between the two main leads, Sarah Catherine Hook (27) and Imani Lewis (23). These romantic and passionate scenes have even caused people to wonder if they are dating in real life. The relationship has been named Calliettebut the answer is deductible without an official statement from the actresses. But as much as the public asks for it, the answer is no. These talented actresses have a very professional relationship with a great affinity off camera that is reflected on the screen.

are just good friends and co-stars. Sarah Catherine is single and, so far, she hasn’t been rumored to be dating anyone recently, save for a couple of posts on her Instagram with a guy named Phillip Laskaris, but it’s unclear if they ever dated. For her part, Imani Lewis also appears to be single. Also, she is a person. very reserved and he likes to keep his personal life off social media, so we won’t find out that way. Calliette will be for the enjoyment of First Kill viewers only.

First Kill: What we suspected about the relationship of its protagonists outside the set