FlixOlé celebrates Halloween with three chilling horror film collections

MADRID, 27 Oct. (CultureLeisure) –

Halloween is coming, the scariest night of the yearand FlixOlé celebrates it with three new collections dedicated to horror movies. Great classics of the genre, films B series, gore, giallo, movies about vampires and premieres land on the platform, which has the largest catalog of Spanish cinema but that also includes several international titles.

The first collection Trick or Treatingis centered on the horror movies latest platform. Includes The others (2001), one of the most successful Spanish films in history and which put Nicole Kidman and Christopher Eccleston under the orders of Alejandro Amenábar. Along with this, other tapes like black christmas (2006), It follows (2014), School Killer (2001) or Dracula 3D (2012)

within this collection FlixOlé also premieres the art of dying (2000), which has a cast led by Fele Martínez, Elsa Pataky and Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, and Good night, said Miss Bird (2012), by Cesar Del Alamo.

The second one, Horror on VHS, they make it up films from the end of the last century and mainly series B. classics like Cannibal holocaust (1980), A thousand cries has the night (1982), Distress (1997) or phenomenon (1985), join the two platform premieres for this ‘vintage’ collection: Killer Barby’s (1996), starring Santiago Segura, and the crack (1990), with Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú among its cast.

The third collection produced by FlixOlé for celebrate halloween bears the title horror pioneersand in it are movies ranging from the 30s to the 70s and that generated the first scares among the respectable until turning the genre into one of the most popular of the seventh art.

Hypnosis (1966), panic on the trans-siberian (1972), kong’s son (1933)… are part of this list along with classics and cult films of the genre such as The cabin (1972), starring José Luis López Vázquez, the panther woman (1942), The bird with the glass feathers (1970), The night of the Living Dead (1968) or Dark red (1975), by Darío Argento, recognized as the ‘master of Italian terror’ and as the person responsible for popularize the giallo film genre internationally.

FlixOlé celebrates Halloween with three chilling horror film collections